Cut Down on Frappe’s For Better Skin

Cut Down on Frappe’s For Better Skin

Frappes, frappes and more frappes! Coffee and frappe type drinks have become the norm in our world. With coffee shops providing fun caffeinated beverages it’s easy to get hooked. Especially if you find that you’re low on energy more often than not. It’s safe to say many of us are hooked on the frappe train. They’re great for giving you a boost of energy in the morning, and maybe even in the afternoon. But there may be a bigger influence of these drinks on your skin than you realize. We’re sharing why you may want to cut down on frappe’s for better skin…

Caffeine Dehydrates Your Skin
If you’ve followed along with us for any period of time you’ve probably noticed that we often stress how important it is that you’re providing your skin with a lot of hydration. In short, our skin HAS to have hydration in order to be healthy and glowing. When our skin is lacking the necessary hydration it’s incredibly difficult to achieve flawless, glowing skin. Unfortunately, it’s just the way it is! The problem with frappes is they contain a lot of that caffeine we  all crave daily. What’s so bad about that? Well, we hate to break it to you but caffeine dehydrates us and our skin. Basically what this means is drinking too much frappe can pull out a lot of the necessary hydration in our skin, leaving us with skin that’s dehydrated.

The Sugar Causes Inflammation
You may have heard some experts in the skin care industry discuss the influence sugar has on our skin, and it’s not so good. We hate to break it to you, but sugar truly wreaks havoc on our skin. Whether you realize it or not, frappes contain a pretty good amount of sugar-which is why they taste so great! Inflammation is one of the main skin struggles that’s obtained when we consume too much sugar. The problem is inflammation is the culprit of many skin concerns we experience. Everything from our skin showing signs of aging to breakouts are often the cause of too much inflammation in the body.

Clearly caffeine and sugar put a lot of stress on our skin, and this is why you may want to consider cutting back on your frappe habit. If you’ve found yourself in the daily habit of consuming frappes and you also find that you’re struggling to get your skin to a healthy place, this is something you really want to take a look at cutting back on. Sound scary? We know it can seem nearly impossible to cut out caffeine and sugary drinks, especially when they’re a part of your daily life. To give you a starting place, we suggest starting by avoiding your frappes for a week at first. While the longer you’re cutting back on them the better your results, starting with a week of no frappes can give you a baseline to see how these types of beverages are effecting your skin.

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