Day Versus Night Moisturizing Solutions

Day Versus Night Moisturizing Solutions

Moisturizing is a crucial part of any solid skin care routine. If you’re not moisturizing your skin, you definitely need to start taking it seriously. It’s commonly skipped, but regardless of your skin type you need moisture in order to maintain healthy, glowing skin. As we make our way into the fall season moisturizing is going to become even more important with the dry climate. We thought this was the perfect time to discuss day versus night moisturizing solutions. This tends to be an area of a lot of confusion for people, so we’re clearing the confusion!

Day Moisturizing
In general, day moisturizing solutions are lightweight. The reason you really want a day moisturizer that’s lightweight is because you’re going to be applying it right before you head out the door throughout the day. It’s important that you apply moisture to your skin before you head out, but you also don’t want something that’s heavy or TOO creamy before you apply makeup and go about your daily life. You really want a daily moisturizing product that blends into your skin and makeup really well, and often those very heavy moisturizing solutions are a bit too much for that. Another characteristic of day moisturizers is you will often find they contain SPF as an ingredient. SPF is essential for our daily skin care practice and many quality day moisturizers include SPF as an ingredient so that you’re able to combine the two steps together to make the most of your efforts. Not all, but many day moisturizers are now containing vitamins and nutrients that provide a protective barrier to your skin to resist a lot of damage from free radicals to take place. In essence, day moisturizing solutions are designed to provide you a protective barrier from all of the different elements we’re exposed to throughout the day whether that’s from the sun or other environmental factors.

Night Moisturizing
While  many people have gotten into the habit of using the same moisturizing product at night as they do in the evening, there’s a lot of chatter in the industry around using different moisturizing solutions because of the differences they provide to our skin. We told you about the day moisturizing benefits, so let’s get into some of the characteristics of night moisturizers. The most obvious difference in a night moisturizer is the consistency, you will often find that night options are much heavier and creamier than their day time counterparts. Experts suggest that our skin is able to handle a moisturizer that’s much heavier in the evening since we’re going to bed, it gives our skin a chance to fully absorb a thicker product and do so fully as our skin repairs itself during sleep. Additionally, night moisturizers are often targeted and formulated for their anti-aging properties. As we age our skin needs more moisture and other vitamins/nutrients, which is what the night moisturizers contain. The additional, more concentrated boost of all of the above help to nourish our skin while we sleep.

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