Deep Breathing For Less Wrinkles

Deep Breathing For Less Wrinkles

It’s pretty safe to say we live in a world that’s constantly chasing different ways to avoid aging, and obtaining the dreaded wrinkles.  If you ask those that are closest to you chances are they use some sort of anti-aging, wrinkle fighting skincare products.  However, in recent years experts have found that there are major links between stress/tension and the aging process.  Meaning, they’ve actually found that stress can cause premature aging (aka wrinkles) to appear.  We were intrigued by this and wanted to find some ways to eliminate premature aging in relation to stress and what we found may surprise you!

Deep Breathing Really Works
You may have heard a lot more people talking about meditation and the benefits of meditating regularly recently, and they’ve actually found your skin can reap some of the benefits as well.  Since there has been a major link between signs of aging and stress or tension, adapting meditation (aka deep breathing) can help to ease this.  The reason being is that deep breathing and making a conscious effort to relax in a meditative state more often can reduce stress significantly, giving the person practicing a chance to truly relax your body.  When our body is more relaxed it’s able to function more properly, and when our body is functioning in a more relaxed natural state it’s able to heal giving our skin a chance to get back to its glowing state.  It’s recommended that you make an effort to go through some deep breathing on a regular basis, especially right before bed.

Face Yoga
Yoga has become a huge phenomenon around the world, with more people practicing and reaping the benefits of yoga than ever before.  While it’s not a new practice by any means, it’s something that more people are realizing has positive influences on their state-of-mind and overall health.  You probably know about yoga in the traditional sense, but what about a little face yoga?  Yoga, if you don’t already know, is all about breathing (similar to meditation) and there are different ways of practicing yoga.

We’ve discovered face yoga (essentially facial exercises), and after doing a little research learned that there are some pretty great benefits to incorporating it into your life.  Incorporating different facial exercises into your daily routine has been found to help strengthen and tighten the muscles on your face.  Since most of us are a lot more stressed than we may even realize, it’s also a great way to help relax your face and actually realize how much tension you’re holding in your facial muscles.  Practicing facial exercises have also been found to help boost complexion and aid in anti-aging benefits because of the increased circulation and relaxing the muscles in a way that also strengthens them.

Deep breathing and face yoga are quickly growing to become routines practiced by more and more people.  The great thing is there aren’t negatives that have come out from incorporating these into your life, but the benefits continue to be found.

Have you or will you try incorporating deep breathing for fewer wrinkles?

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