Diamonds as Skin Care Ingredients

Diamonds as Skin Care Ingredients

Diamonds have recently become increasingly popular as a skin care additive or ingredient in many different product lines’ skin care products. The reason being is because they incorporate luxury into the mix, plus – they possess quite a few health and skin benefits. Lionesse is here to take a look at some of the benefits diamonds possess when it comes to skin care, why, and what they can do for you – as well as tell you a bit more about the types of diamonds used as well.

What Types of Diamonds are Used?
There are usually many different types of diamonds utilized in skin care products, however; to incorporate the diamond into the actual product and make it effective, it needs to be ground to a very fine powder before being added as an ingredient. Diamond powder is what is used in skin care products rather than chunks or even pieces. No part of a diamond is ever wasted.

What Diamonds Can Do for the Skin
Diamonds possess the capability of helping to reduce the signs of aging by providing supple, beautiful, energetic and restored skin. They have the ability to provide a beautiful glow when light reflects the super fine particles, nearly diminish and erase wrinkles from the skin, fill in fine lines and help to promote collagen production within the skin.

Types of Products You May Find Diamonds In
There are many different types of products in which you might be able to find diamond powder included in, such as moisture creams, cleansers, toners, serums and masks. There are even companies utilizing diamond powder in body wash products being sold in pharmacies and grocery stores to target those who don’t want to spend luxury prices for luxury items. Generally, the companies which include diamonds in their products are high end and very expensive.

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Where to Look for Diamond Powder 
A number of luxury skin care brands include diamond powder within their product line. With companies all over the world using diamond powder in things like face cleansers, moisture creams for both day and night, serums, and masks to exfoliate; it really isn’t difficult to come across a brand that has this luxurious ingredient in its product formulation at your beauty store.

What Else Can Diamonds Do?
Aside from providing a superb glow, providing anti-aging properties, inducing collagen production, and giving the skin a clearer appearance, diamond powder also has the fantastic ability to exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation is extremely important to complete once weekly, because it removes the dead skin on the top layer, and allows the fresh, new skin to emerge from beneath what was dead. This in and of itself alone is enough to give the skin a completely new look that you can be proud of. Diamonds are also very beneficial to the overall health of the body and mind.

Lionesse hopes this article was informative and very detailed so that you may make educated decisions about your skin care in the future – and hopefully, at some point, you will be able to give diamond skin care a try.

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