Different Barrels, Different Curls

Different Barrels, Different Curls

Have you ever walked down the beauty aisle and been confused by all the curling irons you see? Sure, you may know that the small one makes small curls and the big one makes big curls, but what about all those irons that aren’t more than a quarter-inch bigger or smaller than the others?

Every curling iron is meant for a different kind of style, and even a small difference in size can make a big difference in look. Here’s what you need to know about how the effect created by the different types of curling irons:

2 Inches
The 2-inch barrel is used to create a blown-out look. You use this iron to slightly curl the ends of the hair, replicating the look of a blow out with a round brush. The effect is perfect for a layered cut to distinguish the layers. This larger size may lose it’s curl easily, so spray lightly before AND after for a longer lasting look.

1 1/2 Inches
This barrel is used for creating large, soft curls. Since the curls are so large, they need a little extra attention to hold. Spray hairspray all over and then curl small sections. Slide the barrel out while the hair is still curled, and then pin it in place to set. Remove the pins after the hair has cooled, and you’ll have large, bouncy curls. PS, this size barrel is also perfect to use on shorter styles for a fun, voluminous style.

1 1/4 Inches
This is the most popular size of curling iron. It is used to create the messy, beach wave look that is so popular right now. Just wrap sections of hair around the iron to get the beautiful, relaxed waves. Apply a texturizing spray or pomade to set the look.

1 Inch
A 1-inch iron will create soft waves for those with short or medium-length hair. Just curl all the hair and brush it out into soft saves. Clip the waves in place to set them if you want a more dramatic look.

3/4 Inch
Get smaller curls a la Taylor Swift with a 3/4 inch iron. Wrap hair around the iron for springy curls, and set them with hairspray. Brush it out for a softer look if you like. Word to the wise, unless you like the puffy, frizzy look, it may be a good idea to rake your fingers through your hair to comb out curls of this size.

Smaller irons are available, and as you’d expect, the curl gets smaller and tighter as the diameter of the barrel gets smaller. Experiment with different irons for different looks!

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