Different Hair Styles to Create with Your Blow Dryer

Different Hair Styles to Create with Your Blow Dryer

Many women are not aware that they don’t really need any other heat styling tools to style their hair aside from their blow dryer and a few good brushes. Today, Lionesse would like to give you some tips on styling your hair in various ways using your blow dryer and a brush. Simple enough, right? Take a look below to get the look.

Woman with wavy hairstyle.

Wavy styles are attainable by use of a blow dryer as well. Simply apply some curling mousse from root to tip throughout the hair, and scrunch your hair as you blow dry. Flip the hair upside down to add more volume to the hair as you blow dry. You can opt to blow dry completely, or leave the hair somewhat damp. Apply a hair serum to lock in shine and keep frizz out.

Straight and Sleek
Straightened, sleek hair is attainable with a blow dryer and paddle brush. Simply spray your hair with a heat protectant spray before actually going in with the brush, separate the hair into sections and pin up, and begin blow drying your hair using your fingers until the hair is at a damp state rather than soaking wet. Work through each section this way. From there, take your paddle brush and place a small amount of hair at the root into the brush, blow drying the hair that comes out of the brush rather than the hair that’s actually in the brush. Repeat this step a few times to get sleek, straight hair. Working in small sections will ensure no frizz happens. Also, using a high-quality blow dryer will help to ensure you don’t cause damage to your hair.

Woman with flipped out ends hairstyle.

Flipped Out Ends
If you have a bob cut, you might love to flip out the ends of your hair. This can be attained by spraying the hair with a heat protectant spray, and using a round brush on the ends of the hair. You don’t need to have wet hair for this style, simply dampen the ends of the hair with a spray bottle and wrap around the round brush, blow drying either outwards or inwards for whatever type of flip you want. You will want to use some hairspray to hold the style in place.

Added Volume
Add volume to the hair by using volumizing mousse and flipping the hair upside down while blow drying with fingers and then a round brush. You can also get volume to develop by blow drying the hair right side up by concentrating on the root area with a large round brush. Spray with hair spray once the style is finished to hold your volume. You may want to opt for a soft hold hairspray to allow your hair moveability and softness while being held in place.

There are many other styles you can achieve with a blow dryer, but for now, these styles should give you a lot more to work with in terms of using your blow dryer rather than a flat iron or curling iron if you are in a bind and yours may have broken down or somehow been misplaced.

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