Don’t Risk A Summer Scorcher

Don’t Risk A Summer Scorcher

Since we’ve had quite a few warm summer days in a row now (ok, more like weeks at this point), it’s become that point in the summer season where our hair can go one of two ways. If you’ve been taking care of your hair and adjusting your hair care routine according to the season you’re probably in the clear. But if you haven’t made any adjustments, you may be noticing your hair feeling a bit dry and damaged. This time of year is synonymous with a lot of heat in the climate, which is often what leads to problems in our hair. Don’t risk a summer scorcher for your locks this season, we’re sharing our top tips to keep your hair in tip top shape.

Give Your Hair a Break
Between the heat from outdoors to the heat you apply to your hair with your favorite styling tools…there’s a LOT of heat going on. It’s really that combination of both types of heat that tends to scorch your locks in a damaging way. The best way to reduce your risk of scorching your hair is to give your hair a break from using heated styling tools. Choose at least one day a week to NOT use any heat on your hair. This will help to give your hair a much needed break and a chance to repair itself.

Focus on Hydration
Heat tends to cause so much damage to our hair because it pulls the hydration and moisture out of our locks. Our hair needs both hydration and moisture in order to be healthy and glowing, without these elements you’re left with hair that’s dry and brittle. While you can’t completely avoid the heat outdoors, and you’re going to get into the habit of giving your hair a break from heated styling tools, it’s not enough to just stick with your regular products and routine this time of year. Since your hair is going to be exposed to a lot more heat one of the crucial steps you need to add into your hair care routine is really focusing on adding hydration and moisture back into the hair. Cutting back on using your styling tools isn’t going to be enough for this, adding conditioning and hydration focused hair care products are going to be incredibly helpful in this step. Adjust your typical products to formulas that are focused on adding hydration and moisture into the hair. Additionally, add in a deep conditioning treatment to your weekly hair care routine.

Use a Heat Protectant
You’ve probably heard about using heat protectant products on your hair when using heated styling tools to style your hair. These types of hair care products are incredible for that purpose, and they’re just as great for protecting your hair from the heat obtained from the sun. If you’re not already in the habit of applying heat protectant products to your hair, now is the time to start.

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