Don’t Skip The Eye Cream Step

Don’t Skip The Eye Cream Step

Do you use an eye cream? Eye creams have been something that have been debated among the skin care world for a while now. With so many different skin care products available to us now, it can be confusing to determine whether or not you really should be using it or not. However, eye cream products have been a product that experts are stressing should be used by everyone. In fact, they’re saying ‘don’t skip the eye cream.’ Interesting? As information becomes more advanced, we can’t help but dive a bit deeper into why we shouldn’t be skipping the eye cream step in our skin care routines.

The Skin Around Your Eyes Has Different Needs
It’s common for most people to apply the moisturizer and/or treatment products to their eye area that they do on the rest of their skin. As it turns out, that’s not the best way to take care of your skin! Did we get your attention with that? The reason using the same skin care products on your eye area as you do the rest of your skin isn’t the best is simply because the skin around your eyes is different. You’ve probably noticed that the skin around your eyes seems to feel much more delicate and thin, this is why our eye area tends to show signs of aging quicker as well. That being said, the skin around our eyes needs to be taken care of accordingly. In other words…we need an eye cream. Eye creams are specifically formulated to work with the skin around our eyes.

Eye Creams Don’t Have an Age Demographic
Another common misconception about eye creams and taking care of the skin around our eyes is that you only need to use these types of products when you’re already noticing signs of aging appearing. But as it turns out, experts say that the earlier the better when it comes to adding an eye cream into your skin care routine. Because eye creams are formulated to work with the skin around your eyes, they’re also a great product to utilize as a preventative treatment. Adding an eye cream into your routine before you show signs of aging or have any eye area concerns can help keep the skin in that area much healthier, youthful and free of many of the common eye area concerns.

Get why you shouldn’t be skipping the eye cream step, now? If you’re not already using an eye cream in your skin care routine, we sure hope you’re going to seriously consider adding one into your routine now. Our skin has so many needs and the skin, and skin throughout much of our body is different requiring that we accommodate different steps and care to be sure to keep the skin in that area at its healthiest (and let’s face it…most youthful looking!). Make sure that just like with any skin care product, you use an eye cream that’s formulated to work with your skin type and you’re consistent with applying it.

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