Dressing Your Rockabilly Guy

Dressing Your Rockabilly Guy

The rockabilly era was one that left a huge mark on the world, between music and style it really stepped outside the box and created a completely different take on the industries.  We’re still talking about rockabilly, which just goes to show how powerful a mark it left on us all even until this day.  Since we usually hear about rockabilly dressing for women, we wanted to make sure your guys aren’t feeling left out.  So, we’re sharing some of our favorite ways to dress your rockabilly guy so he can get in on the retro vibe with you!

Tight Pants
Rockabilly style with men is a must to include tight pants, whether they’re jeans or dress pants airing on the skinnier fit style are going to ensure your guy is embracing the rockabilly style to the fullest.  Most of the time we saw rockabilly men wearing darker colored bottoms, so either black or dark wash jeans are  going to be a safe bet  when.  Often times the rockabilly guys roll/cuff their pants as well, it adds a little bit of that rock and roll vibe and of course show off socks!

Short Sleeve Shirts
It’s all about the short sleeved shirts for the rockabilly guy, either with t-shirts or button down shirts – both are short sleeved.  Similar to slim fit pants, the shirts worn for rockabilly style are slim fit as well.  Typically, the sleeves of t-shirts are rolled up a bit (button down short sleeved tops can be rolled a little as well) to give that little rocker edge.  Now if your guy isn’t really into true short sleeved shirts, you can accomplish a similar look that’s just as rockabilly inspired by putting on a long sleeved button down and rolling/scrunching the sleeves to be above the elbow.

Don’t Forget the Accessories
The rockabilly style for men is pretty simple, it’s really more about the fit and little touches of detail like the rolled or cuffed sleeves and pants.  Adding to a couple extra little details, throwing in either suspenders or a belt are major rockabilly style staples.  They add that classic men’s style with a twist when worn with the other elements of the clothes.  Of course, you’ve got to give your guy some funky socks to pair well with the rest of his look – and they’ll show with the cuffed or shortened pant length really well.  And last but not least, you’ve got to get some cool sunglasses to finish the look off.

If you’re struggling for inspiration, think of Elvis Presley and do a little Pinterest search to figure out some of the details you’re unsure of when dressing your rockabilly guy.  Naturally, if your guy needs some outwear it has to be a leather jacket to keep the rockabilly look consistent.  Rockabilly style for men is similar to the women’s in that it’s simple yet makes a massive statement with the fit of the clothes and subtle details.

What’s your favorite element of the rockabilly style for men?

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