Ear Bud Friendly Locks

Ear Bud Friendly Locks

Ok, we get it… you want to listen to your music with your ear buds, but you don’t want to deal with your hair getting all messed up.  We’re completely with you on this, because no one wants to feel like they have to choose between their hairstyle and listening to their favorite music.  Since we know this can be a concern that adjusts how you wear your hair on certain occasions, we decided to share some ear bud friendly locks so you don’t have to choose between gorgeous hair and listening to music from this point on.

Low Ponytail Or Braid
When it comes to creating a chic hairstyle that won’t get your earbuds tangled, you need something that will keep your hair back a bit (so there’s less hair to get tangled!).  One of our favorite hairstyles for making listening to your music easy and tangle free has to be the low ponytail or braid look.  The bonus of the braided look is the fact that braids are literally everywhere right now, so you’re sure to be on trend as well.  You can really have fun with this hairstyle and switch up adding curls to add texture, and even adding braids leading into the ponytail/braid.  Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

woman with headband and ear buds

We know you’re not going to want to just wear your hair back every time you want to listen to music. Well, you’re in luck because headbands are a great way to keep your hair back a bit, and away from getting tangled but also allowing you to keep the rest of your hair down.  Headbands are great for switching your hairstyle up and creating something that looks completely unique even if you’re just placing a headband into straight or curly hair, and they’re perfect for giving you the ease of listening to your ear buds without worry about making a mess of your hair.

Texturized High Ponytail
We know you don’t want to feel like you’re stuck with a low ponytail or braid, which is why we love switching things up with a high ponytail.  For us, we’re all about creating a high ponytail that doesn’t make you feel like you’re just heading into the gym or out for a run.  To make a ponytail more chic and trendy, it’s all about creating texture with it.  This means adding a texturizing product to add texture, and even adding some waves or curls throughout the ponytail to really create a more chic look.

Of course, regardless of how you’re wearing your hair when you have ear buds in make sure you take your time when placing them in and taking them out of your ears.  Typically we get ourselves into a mess when we’re in a hurry to do either of these things.  Take your time and be careful, so you’re able to enjoy listening to your music and you don’t have to worry about your ear buds getting tangled in your hair and causing tangles to be in your hair and the wires.

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