Elm Fork Shooting Sports

Elm Fork Shooting Sports

Country girls aren’t afraid to hang with the guys, and that statement holds true in Dallas, Texas at Elm Fork Shooting Sports.  A place where cowgirls love to hang with the guys and show the cowboys they can shoot like the rest of guys.  In fact, the cowgirls have made such an impact at Elm Fork Shooting that the company has created event series just for the ladies!  Talk about true country girl power there, huh?  If you’re in the Dallas, Texas area or planning to be in the near future you may want to plan a visit to Elm Fork Shooting Sports to get your cowgirl vibes on.  There are a ton of things to do at the facility, so to better prepare you for a trip to Elm Fork we’re sharing some of the features they offer.

Training Programs
Elm Fork is a firearms faculty, but they’re not just your average firearm facility.  They also provide a ton of incredible training programs.  Their training programs span from the very beginning basic steps to more advanced skills.  If you’re new to firearms, this type of environment is a great place to learn how to hone in on your skills and experience everything in a safe place.  They even have special training programs just for the ladies – so cowgirls can feel comfortable and safe around one another.

Practice Range
Aside from the training programs, Elm Fork also has practice ranges for cowgirls to practice as much as their hearts desire.  Again, Elm Fork is a great place to go to practice and learn shooting in a safe place with trained professionals around.  Plus, it’s a fun place to celebrate your inner cowgirl.

Private Events
Not only can you go to Elm Fork alone or with a friend, you can even coordinate private events!  Elm Fork will accommodate charity events, corporate events, and other types of events.  Whether you have a group of 2 or 300, they’ve got your back.  We’re thinking this is a great girls night out for true cowgirls.

As you can tell, Elm Fork Shooting is the mecca for cowgirls and country girls alike.  It’s a great place for country girls to hone their skills, get outdoors, and show the guys how it’s done.  If you’re planning to be in the Dallas, Texas area and you’re ready to step into your inner country girl you may want to consider making a stop at Elm Fork Shooting to do just that.  Country girls are all about getting outside and getting their hands dirty, there are  few things more country than heading out to a firearm facility.

So what do you think of Elm Fork Shooting?  Will you make a trip if you’re in the Dallas area?

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