Enhancing Your Best Facial Feature

Enhancing Your Best Facial Feature

Most women (and men) don’t always spend a lot of time thinking about enhancing or celebrating their looks.  It can be difficult to even admit or see that you have amazing facial features yourself.  We live in a society that’s so incredibly hard on ourselves, seeing the positive can sometimes feel impossible.  But part of stepping into our own power and feeling more confident it comes down to truly enhancing your best facial feature.  We all have one, and to give you some inspiration on this journey we’re sharing some fun ways to enhance your best facial feature – now!

Appreciate Your Facial Feature(s)
The first thing that you truly need to do when learning how to enhance your best facial feature is actually realizing what your best facial feature is.  We get it, it’s easy to focus on the negative but it’s nice to think positively once in a while – isn’t it?  Get real with yourself, no judgement no worries about what others think.  Decide what facial feature YOU like the most and find you want to enhance more.  It truly doesn’t matter what facial feature it is, just as long as you choose one.  We all have a best facial feature, so you might as well appreciate it!

Decide HOW You Want To Enhance It
After you’ve decided what your best facial feature is, it’s time to decide how you actually want to go about enhancing it.  There are tons of different ways to enhance any facial feature.  It’s really up to you to decide how far you want to go on enhancing it.  If you want to subtly enhance your best facial feature, that might mean getting your hair cut in a way that does so.  If you want to enhance it in a little more of a dramatic way that might mean discovering different makeup techniques and/or products that further enhance it.  Or maybe for you, it means doing a combination of the two (among other ways to actually enhance your best facial feature).

Take Care Of YOU
It may not seem relevant, but it’s SO important to take care of yourself and get into a healthy beauty routine.  Making yourself and your skincare/beauty routine a priority are going to further enhance your best feature regardless of what that feature even is.  Taking time for you has an impact on so many things when it comes to your appearance AND health.  Additionally, when we take care of ourselves we start to see ourselves in a little bit of a different light and start appreciating ourselves more – making us more likely to WANT to enhance our best facial feature.  Let’s face it when you feel like crap, and stop taking care of YOU it’s realllllllly difficult to see the good in a lot of situations let alone your appearance.  So do yourself a favor and take care of yourself.

Of course, there are so many specific ways to enhance specific facial features.  Do you have a favorite way to enhance your best facial feature?

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