Everyday Hair Styles For Summer

Everyday Hair Styles For Summer

Well here we are ladies, in the midst of the summer season. Now that we’ve officially passed the 4th of July it feels even more appropriate to live the full on summer lifestyle. While this time of year is synonymous with barbeques and roof top fun, it’s also around now where we tend to get that itch for something new with our hair style. Have you gotten the itch yet? We sure have, and it got us looking for some hair inspiration. Since we were digging up some inspiration for ourselves, we thought we would share some of our favorite everyday hair styles for summer.

The Lob
Ok ladies, there’s no denying that the lob is totally on trend right now. Celeb after celeb has been chopping their locks off to try the lob on for size and result is stunning on EVERYONE. The lob hair style is great because you’re getting the modern feel of a lob, with a little added length to give you the ability to still style your hair in a variety of ways when you want to wear it up and out of your face. Another bonus point for the lob hair style is it looks great whether you wear it super straight or with some natural texture added to the mix. In other words, the lob hair style is incredibly versatile and functional if you’re looking to try out a different hair style this summer.

Blunt bangs
If you love the length you already have, but you’re still itching for a little change the blunt bangs is our favorite go to hair style this summer. Bangs are such an easy and chic way to change up your hair style, regardless of the length of your hair. This summer, it’s really all about the full blunt bangs. The best part is between you and your professional hair stylist you’re sure to find a bang look that will flatter your face shape and give you something fun and functional for your lifestyle this summer.

Honestly we couldn’t talk about summer hair styles without talking about braids. We truly can’t get enough of braids this year and either can everyone else! If you take a scroll through your social media chances are you’re going to see someone rocking braids. Even though they’re trending, the best part about braids in our minds is there are so many unique ways you can adapt a braid into your everyday hair style. Even if you’re not a wiz at styling your own hair, there are plenty of super simple ways to style a braid easily. We love braids for the summer because they add an instant level of interest to any hair style and they’re an incredibly functional way to get your hair out of your face when you need to. Since we all tend to want our hair out of our face this time of year, we highly recommend developing a few go to braided hair styles for the rest of the season.

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