Extension Safety – Traction Alopecia

Extension Safety – Traction Alopecia

Hair health and maintenance is super important.  We all love our hair and so truly taking care of it is important to its future.  Traction alopecia is literally when hair loss is caused by too much traction or pulling.  With the rise in weaves and hair extensions it’s important that we share that this is something that could potentially be a risk, but in turn, it is also something that can be avoided.  Traction alopecia is something that generally happens over time, not just after one day or week of pulling/traction occurring.  It’s really when your hair is being constantly put under stress, and strain.  So we’re sharing some of the ways you can avoid developing traction alopecia.

Go to Certified Professionals 
We get it, you want to save money by doing your extensions or weaves on your own or have a friend help.  But because of the process of applying true extensions and hair weave, if applied incorrectly or too tight it can lead to problems (aka traction alopecia).  So it’s really important if you’re wanting to have these hair extensions and weaves in your hair that you do go to a certified professional.  Research local experts, get recommendations and ask a lot of questions before deciding on a pro to hire for the job.  This is also helpful because should you experience any scalp discomfort you can immediately get in touch with your hairstylist to resolve the problem quickly.

Scalp Care
In addition to seeking out a trusted professional to put your extensions in place, it’s really important that you’re making sure to take care of your scalp.  If you’re not sure what specific products to use to best take care of your hair and scalp with the type of extensions you have in place, ask your hairstylist.  They will know which products to use and/or not use to best take care of your hair.  Often times people tend to be a little too relaxed on their scalp care when having extensions in, but this is also where problems arise.  Be strict on yourself and make sure you’re keeping up with the care necessary.

Take a Break
Another common cause of traction alopecia is the overuse of products like extensions (and even ponytails).  So it’s important to give your hair a break, even when they’re applied properly and by a professional most qualified professionals will advise clients to give their hair a break every  once in a while.  This way your hair can have a rest and enjoy being in its more natural state.  If you’re unsure of when/ how long you should give your hair a rest from extensions, ask your professional extension specialist.  They’ll be able to give you their expert opinion based on your hair and its needs.

Traction alopecia is definitely not something that any of us want to have happen, as you can see avoiding developing this type of alopecia is possible and really comes down to care and maintenance.  If you’re an extension wearer, be sure you’re following these tips so you can avoid developing traction alopecia.

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