Extensions and Hair Health

Extensions and Hair Health

Hair extensions have become a much more normal hair treatment in today’s world.  Whether you’re getting them put in because you want length, or volume, or both they can be a great way to change your look.  However, there are definitely some things to consider if you’re thinking about getting extensions put in.  Because extensions are on your hair (obviously), it’s important to be cautious when getting them done to make sure your natural hair isn’t getting damaged in the process. Here are a few things to keep in mind when getting extensions.

See a Certified Professional
Because hair extensions require a process to be put into your hair, and there are so many options of application/process it’s crucial you enlist in a certified expert.  Many hair experts have even suggested that seeing a qualified professional is of more importance than the actual product.  Much of this comes from the fact that a qualified professional should be knowledgeable enough to be able to suggest and apply the correct products for your hair type and desired outcome.  This isn’t something you want to skip out on, do your research, ask for referrals and find a local professional that’s been trained and certified in extensions.  Your hair will thank you for it!

Use Proper Products
After you have the extensions in, you’re going to want to be sure you only use hair care products suggested by your extension specialist.  Many specialists will recommend certain shampoos and conditioners that are made to best work with the extensions that were put in.  Extensions often need to be given the nutrients necessary to keep the hair healthy, this is especially important if you opt for human hair extensions.  Although it’s natural, real hair it’s not attached to the body like it once was so the nutrients need to be added via hair care products.

Get Knowledgeable About the Extension Options
There are a ton of different extension options available now.  Most professionals will recommend going with a natural, real hair extension selection because of the more natural appearance it will give.  There are synthetic, and blends of synthetic/natural options but according to most certified experts they tend to recommend real hair extensions the most often.  On top of multiple extension options, there are different application processes.  It’s suggested to most often avoid ‘banded’ extensions.  This is because the bands used and applied to the hair can rub against the hair, causing damage to your natural hair throughout the wear.  Most certified professionals are opting for keratin-beaded extensions because of the fact that our hair naturally has keratin and they’ve found that wrapping the hair in a protein that it’s naturally made up of causes less damage and can even help to protect the natural hair.

There are definitely a number of factors to consider if you’re thinking about getting hair extensions.  Many of these things can impact the health of your natural hair.  Do your research and seek out an expert that’s going to ensure your natural hair maintains its health throughout the process and time of having hair extensions in.

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