Fabulous Weatherproof Hairstyles

Fabulous Weatherproof Hairstyles

No matter how straight, silky and sleek your hair is, no one is 100% exempt from an unexpected attack of the frizzies. Most of the time, frizzies are actually shorter hair that has been broken off by aggressive brushing or even gentler attempts to remove tangles. Longer hair weighs more, and as a result, generally less curly and frizzy than short hair, but long hair usually will have its own share of inadvertently shortened strands, due to damage. It’s the broken-off, short hairs that are much lighter in weight, and as a result, these short hairs are the very first to respond to humidity in its many forms by frizzing up.

Hair Fail Can Happen to Anybody
No one has developed a crystal ball that can keep people in perfect check with upcoming weather, any unforeseen rise in the ambient humidity–from unusually voluminous moisture content in the air to a torrential downpour. And either of these can quickly transform the most beautiful (and sometimes even expensive,) hairstyle into a total wreck in a matter of minutes. For any occasion when you know you might be exposing your hair (and hairstyle) to potentially ruinous conditions, there are some styles and tips that will get you and your hair through the event, from beginning to end, sustained in the manner you selected for the time. Because some occasions are just too important to face with bad hair!

A Little Smooth Styling Support
The use of certain products will give you more of an advantage in maintaining better control of your tresses in any environment. Silicone balm is wonderful at imparting just enough extra weight to the hair to prevent it from being all out frizzy. And by nature, silicone is a waterproofing agent. It will effectively seal in the hair’s natural moisture while preventing atmospheric humidity from taking control. Just remember that a little bit goes a long way, and too much, and your hair will look dirty, greasy and lifeless. A good, but less potent alternative to silicone would be to work some gel into your hair before drying and styling. And of course, a good hair spray will do a little toward securing your style, once completed. Beyond these. it’s going to depend exclusively on the style–and the environmental elements.

Pinup Girl Hair
It takes just the right scarf to pull off this look, and it’s generally a less formal look that would only be acceptable in certain workplaces. You first take a large triangle-shaped scarf or a square folded into a triangle and place the midpoint of the triangle folded under 4-5 inches, place this section at the nape of your neck. Pull both ends up and to the top of your head, where you tie them together in a bow or tidy little top knot. If you have bangs, curl them under in a roll-type fashion, and if you don’t have bangs, you can create some for this style. Just section off what would be an adequate bang section and starting at the ends, roll it up in a 1-2” roll, securing at your scalp with several bobby pins. Behind the scarf, you can do a bun, a twist or any kind of suitable up-do.

Braids are the best solution for combatting a humid atmosphere, especially when the braiding is concentrated near the hairline. Braiding works with every hair type and secures those frizzies like nothing else can do.

  • Halo Braiding: This technique begins with taking a nice chunk of hair on the left side of your hair, beginning a braid just at ear level, and working the braid to the ends. Secure with elastic. Take this braid and flip it up and over your head near the hairline, to serve as a frizzies-preventing “hair headband.”
  • The Swiss Miss Look: This starts with two basic braids that begin at the ear level. Once the two are braided, take one at a time and flip up and over, securing at the opposite ear with bobby pins. They’ll form a double braided updo to scoff at the worst humidity.
  • French and Dutch Braids: Begun high-up. Both of these style braids are excellent at securing those frizzes, all the way down and around.

The Slicked-Back Ponytail
This simple do can rock the weather. Just pull all your hair back into a high ponytail and secure with covered elastic. Take a bit of gel and work between your hands to slick down the top and sides, and then work some salt spray into the ponytail and scrunch it up for a lovely messy look. You might even backcomb a bit for extra style.

Tousled Top Knot
Start with a leave-in conditioner and don’t fight the texture, but using your fingers, rake them through your strands and secure into a high pony. You can backcomb the pony a bit and then twist your hair around into a bun and secure with bobby pins. For extra humidity help, slip a cute hairband on, for fun.

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