Fall Fashion & Gemstones

Fall Fashion & Gemstones

Since we incorporate gemstones into our skincare, we are so excited to see that gemstones are exploding in other areas of beauty.  The fashion world has definitely started to embrace and incorporate gemstones into fashion – we love the combination of luxury with fall fashion.  The rise in gemstones with fashion has been on the rise, but when Pantone announced Rose Quartz as the color of the year we knew it was going to gain even more popularity.  But Pantone announcing a color like Rose Quartz wasn’t where it stopped with gemstone related fashion ideas.  In fact, the fall specific colors that were announced for Fall by Pantone all are very similar to colors of particular gemstones.

The fall season is typically filled with warm, rich colors – similar to those of gemstones.  So it’s really only natural that there’s a significant relationship, especially since gemstone jewelry has gained so much popularity in the past year.  Now one of the great things about fashion in general is you’re able to adapt trends, how you want, and in ways that feel right to you.  Between adapting the gemstone infusion for fall by wearing colors that are in some of the warm gemstone colors OR incorporating some jewelry items that are actually made of gemstones.

One of the things that we love about gemstone anything is that it’s an instant way to feel a little more luxurious.  Even just wearing a simple gemstone jewelry piece can take even the most simple outfit and turn it into something special.  The same thing goes for wearing a warm color in a traditional gemstone shade.  The trends are pretty spread out this season, but if you’re looking for a fall fashion trend that will have some staying power taking some gemstone inspiration is something to look into a bit more.  Gemstones are timeless, and so are their colors.

If you’re all about accessories (like we are), gemstone jewelry is a great item to add to your wardrobe.  One of the interesting things about gemstones, is that there’s a range of options in price points and how extravagant (or not) you want to get with your gemstone jewelry.  It’s also always fun to learn about the different meanings behind gemstones, since they’re known for bringing different things to those who use and wear them.  The fact that gemstones represent something more than just being a gorgeous color or semi-precious stone among many cultures adds something a little more special to them.  Giving your accessories a fun little story behind them.  Who doesn’t love that?

We don’t know about you, but we’re thrilled to see gemstones making more of an appearance in the fashion world and can’t wait to see how people incorporate gemstone inspiration into their wardrobe this season.  If you’re ready to get in on the trend and incorporate some of the luxury of gemstones, this is your season to shine and make the most of it!

Do you have a favorite gemstone?  Will you be incorporating gemstones into your fall fashion?

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