Fashion Focus on Eyebrows

Fashion Focus on Eyebrows

Since the 1980’s Brooke Shields, model and fashion icon, has made the perfect eyebrow a fashion focal point. Her thick eyebrows are in vogue right now. However, which eyebrow shaping and grooming techniques best suits you? Whether your eyebrows are straight, curved, arched, thick or thin you can achieve a gorgeous brow with waxing, threading, tweezing and grooming.


Heavy eyebrow superstars like Cara Delevingne and Selena Gomez possess the perfect frame for their eyes. Tweezing is a precise art of individually singling out each hair and plucking it out. Have your salon tweeze your eyebrows if you’d like to maintain a more natural brow. It’s best to enlist the help of a pro. They can use a pencil to draw the desired shape of your brows, and then carefully tweeze. Over-tweezing can be like a bad haircut. It’ll take time to grow back. If that ever happens, you’ll be penciling in your brows until they grow back. For a naturally gorgeous and precise eyebrow tweeze it up!

Waxing eyebrows

Some stars have thinner, arched brows. Look at the lovely Charlize Theron or Taylor Swift’s perfectly angular brows. For a thinner brow, you can have your salon use wax. Waxing your brow is the fastest method to remove the most hair. Nowadays, an eyebrow wax really isn’t all too painful. A stylist will apply warm wax and shape the brow as needed, then apply a fabric strip and remove the hair with a quick tug. Check the mirror for perfectly shaped brows.


Threading is newer to the American eyebrow scene. However, women in India and the Middle East have been threading their eyebrows forever. Threading offers the precision of tweezing with the volume of hairs removed waxing. It’s turbo tweezing! With threading, you can achieve a thin arch like Megan Fox, keep your eyebrows natural yet tame like Emma Watson, or get a curve shaped brow like superstar Beyonce.

Did you know that job recruiters and stylists alike agree that well-groomed and natural brows make you look powerful and boost your confidence? It’s true! Try these eyebrow grooming techniques for a polished look that can ultimately land you a job – or just to look great.

  • You can get an eyebrow kit with an angled brush and brown powder shades. It is best if the tone is slightly lighter than your eyebrow color.
  • Try an eyebrow pencil with a mascara brush-looking attachment on the opposite end. It’s called a spoolie.
  • Use an eyebrow brush to delicately brush unruly hairs upwards. Then square off the insides of your brows. Lifting your brows actually makes you look more awake and attentive.
  • For super thick brows, brush them from the outer side of the brow to the inside, then back again.
  • Use either the pencil or angle brush to fill in the color. However, use feathery strokes and blend. No one wants to have a straight and bold pencil line on their eyebrows. It doesn’t look natural.
  • Lastly, try highlighting or illuminating the area right under your eyebrows. You will look awake, well-groomed, and ready to conquer!

Finally, don’t forget to look in the mirror! If you feel confident, you will look gorgeous and that is everything.

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