Fight Lines & Wrinkles with DMAE

Fight Lines & Wrinkles with DMAE

Time has a way of cumulatively telling a lot about a person—including the particular lifestyle and habits each one has ascribed to, along with how much time and attention has been dedicated to maintaining the proper skin care protocol to keep it healthy and protected through the years. There are certain factors that exist beyond anyone’s reach, like genetics and certain environmental factors, but most people who live long enough will at some point develop telltale signs of aging, in the form of tiny lines and wrinkles. The skin is a living organ—and actually is the largest of all your organs. This is why the manner in which you care for it matters. Your skin will respond in kind to the type of care you give it, particularly when a good skin care regimen is begun early on in life. Again, genetics will always be a significantly contributing factor in just how each individual’s skin responds to life and aging.

Modern Solutions, with Modern Times
Now there’s more hope than ever for wrinkled skin, with different types of repair—widely available to restore tired, aging skin of all types. Thanks to several groundbreaking advancements in science and technology, we have numerous processes and products with powerful formulations to choose from. These solutions range from simple, inexpensive, over the counter formulations to more invasive procedures—including surgery and requiring the services of a specially-trained medical professional.

Something Rather Fishy Around Here
The wide expanse of seafood-rich dietary benefits has long been touted, as fish is a direct method of accessing healthy protein, without any of the saturated fats and carbs associated with other standardly accepted sources. You get wonderful benefits that include minerals and vitamins, as well, with eating fish. Everyone has heard about the vast health support that consuming omega-3 fatty acids brings, and especially how they aid the cardiovascular system. Iodine, which is essential to maintain a healthy thyroid and brain function–is ensured by making fish and shellfish a part of your regular diet. So what, you may ask, does eating fish have to do with wrinkle reduction? You’re about to find out.

More Fish Tales that are True
Here’s where we learn about a lesser-mentioned fish compound that is on the rise in suggestions offered by savvy, in-the-know experts in the field of medicine to all their patients. Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE, which is much easier to say,) has been a big thing, purportedly linked with increasing brain power, particularly in the treatment of both cognitive and disruptive disorders. You may know a leading one, which is ADHD. Another prominent claim is how it improves memory lapses, which have been linked to dissociative diseases like Alzheimer’s. Well, now, promises are being made that this wonder ingredient is delivering impressive results when included in skin care products, especially those formulated for treating sagging aging skin and telltale age spots. How to differentiate fact from fiction is always an issue, right?

A Word to the Detail-Oriented
First of all, yes, this stuff really does appear to tighten the skin. There has been somewhat limited research, and the thing is that most of it has been funded by companies that manufacture cosmetics. So results do show that DMAE use produces both firming and tightening skin effects, which are effective in diminishing wrinkles and fine lines and create a younger looking skin. Here’s the rub, as Shakespeare might have exclaimed, after using DMAE himself: The effect is temporary. The claim of being reparative is misleading, at best, as it does increase vacuolization on a cellular level (pretty impressive talk, huh?) In “people” talk, this means it causes skin cells to absorb both water and DMAE, producing a temporary swelling effect.

The Verdict?
Until there is any new finding that DMAE used by itself is harmful, by all means, go on using it, with the full knowledge that it’s a temporary fix for a terminal problem. It is, however, a lot cheaper than surgery. And you can use it at home.

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