Foods For Flat Abs

Foods For Flat Abs

Eager to get flat abs in the New Year?  We’re right there with you!  If you’re like us, and so many others, you’re working on getting healthier and more toned this year (ok, and every other year).  It seems like we live in a time where there are so many different diet and health tips floating around the internet – in addition to many different diets.  But we’re really all about keeping things as simple as possible, so while we’re all about staying healthy and trying new things we were interested to really find out what are some of the best foods for flat abs.  Naturally, we did a bit of searching and found some of the foods to share with you!

Did this one make your heart sing like it did for us?  Avocados are definitely having a moment – it’s safe to say they’re pretty trendy right now.  But, it’s with good reason!  It’s true, avocados have been found to help with flattening the stomach area.  Avocados are filled with HEALTHY fats and fiber – both of which are found to keep you full and satisfied for a longer period of time.  Because they’re a healthy fat, they’re the type of fat your body is able to digest in a positive way and they’ve even been found to help your body to better absorb nutrients and vitamins.  With all of that combined, avocados are also said to help with digestion – see a pattern here?

Green Tea
Ok, this technically isn’t a food, but we kept seeing it pop up so we had to mention it.  Green tea has been used for many years (since ancient times).  It turns out that green tea is a pretty powerful beverage that’s been found to help your body burn fat, decrease inflammation AND give you a nice energy boost.


You’ve probably heard of snacking on almonds for a healthy snack, but it’s not just some rumor floating around – they’re actually a really healthy snack that can help give you those flat abs you’ve been working towards.  Similar to avocados, almonds are filled with healthy fats that not only help to keep you feeling fuller longer, but they’re also said to help your body to burn fat (pretty awesome, right?).  Many health and nutrition experts suggest that just by incorporating a serving of almonds in your day can help you to reap the benefits and aid in getting the abs you want.

Whole Grains
Ok, we know the whole low carb/gluten free diets are everywhere and we’re all about experimenting with different diets for different people.  But throughout our search on this topic, we found that many health and nutrition experts continued to suggest that whole grains can be a great way to get flat abs.  Why?  Well, contrary to popular believe, not all carbs are bad for you!  What a relief, right?  In addition, whole grains have been found to be loaded with great sources of fiber which help to keep you feeling fuller longer – so that means less snacking and over indulging.  To top it off, whole grains are also said to help with digestion – another bonus for helping you get those flat abs you want.

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