Get Ready For A Weekend Of Skin Pampering

Get Ready For A Weekend Of Skin Pampering

Need a little skin pampering? Truthfully, we could all use a little skin pampering every now and then. There’s something about taking a weekend to really pamper yourself and your skin that can be incredibly rejuvenating. Yes, for your skin but also for your state of mind. We’re all constantly on the go all the time, we often forget to take a few minutes to step back and really just relax to enjoy some pampering. Why not start the spring season on a glowing note? We have some ideas to help you get ready for a weekend of skin pampering.

Block Your Calendar
Seriously, make it a point to block off your weekend to pamper yourself! We always make appointments and set our calendar up for everything and anything else, but we really don’t do the same for ourselves. You’re ready for a little skin pampering, right? So make an appointment with yourself, and block off the weekend to just relax and enjoy some much needed pampering time for yourself. Blocking out your calendar is a great way to keep your mind at ease. Make it a non-negotiable for yourself so you really stick to it, too. It’s a weekend all about you and your skin, and that deserves some time off.

Schedule an Appointment
Depending on how big you want to go with your weekend of skin pampering, we suggest setting up any spa appointments you want to have done during your weekend pampering session ahead of time. Sure it can be possible to call the day of, but you’re going to be in the relaxation mode and there’s no sense in waiting until the day of. Decide on what skin pampering treatments you want to have done at your favorite spa and book them a couple weeks in advance. This way you won’t have to worry about scheduling anything when your enjoyable weekend comes, you’re able to just roll into the spa and get right into the pampering zone.


Set the Tone
When it comes down to really getting pampered and feeling it, it’s all about the energy you create. Since you’re creating a weekend full of skin pampering, make it a point to really create a relaxing environment in your home. Light your candles, make sure you have your favorite snacks and beverages stocked, get a book or movie you’ve been wanting to watch. These are all great ways to really help you get into that pampering state of mind and relax into it.

Get Bath Supplies
So often when we think of skin pampering, we really just think about facials and things. But don’t forget the rest of your body! Order some great bath and body skin care products to enjoy a nice relaxing bath at home. Body scrubs, relaxing bath bombs and moisturizers are great ways to give you that overall skin pampering feeling for your whole body. Draw yourself a warm bath and enjoy the skin pampering benefits!

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