Get Your Party Hair On

Get Your Party Hair On

Every year, it seems like once Halloween passes there are still quite a few parties to attend.  If we’re honest… there are parties ALL year long, it just seems like there are more in the fall and winter months leading up to the holidays.  As a woman, what to do with your hair is an obvious stressor.  Because let’s be real… it can be frustrating to get party ready hair at home.  But we know you’re probably not ready or wanting to head into the salon for every party you want to attend this party season, so we’re sharing how to get your party hair on in the comfort of your own home (yes, it’s totally possible).

The Glam Half-Up Do’
There’s something about a half up hairstyle that’s always timeless yet trendy feeling at the same time.  The great news about half up hairstyles is you’re able to change and adjust them according to your hair’s length, type and of course add little elements that make it unique.  Since we’re talking party hair, we’re all about a half up hairstyle that’s done after creating gorgeous curls in your hair.  You can play around with different size curls – really whatever you like best here.  When it comes to creating the half up hairstyle, this year we’re all about adding some chic braids into the mix to add an updated, trendy feel.  We’ve seen some easy half-up hairstyles that were done by taking two pieces of hair just above the ear and creating braids too then use to pull back and create that half up style.  It’s easy to do, but adds a special touch that’s perfect for a party.

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The Low Bun Do’
While half up hairstyles are always timeless, another hairstyle that just always seems to say party time is the low bun hairstyles.  You’re able to make them as intricate or simple as you want, but since we’re talking about getting party hair at home it’s all about ease (right?).  Add some texture and curl to your hair, and simply pull it back into a low ponytail (either right in the middle or off to the side a bit).  Once you’ve created the ponytail portion, secure your hair into a bun style.  Leave out a few pieces around your face for that effortless glam feel.

All Down Curled Do’
If you really want to keep things easy, but not spare of any the glam… it’s about creating that old Hollywood glam hairstyle with the big bouncy curls.  Of course if you opt for this type of hairstyle, make sure you add some volume by teasing your hair at the crown and adding a bit of drama with a side swept bang/part to really emphasize the hairstyle.  Add another little touch of glam for your party hair by adding a decorate hair accessory like a rhinestone clip to the side and pull a bit of hair back.  It’s a super easy hairstyle that works for any hair length, but is sure to help you get your party hair on with ease.

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