Getting Rid of Acne on Your Bum

Getting Rid of Acne on Your Bum

Acne isn’t fun, no matter where you find it located on your body.  One of the misunderstandings that many people have about acne is that it only appears on the skin on their face.  But you can actually develop acne anywhere that you have skin.  You know that we’re all about keeping you informed and in the know, even on topics that aren’t so comfortable to discuss…like acne on your bum.  But because it’s something that so many people deal with, we want to make sure we’re giving you the best information possible to help you out.  Getting rid of acne on your bum doesn’t have to be as difficult as you may think, and we’re sharing how now.

Shower After the Gym
Many experts have found that those that are most susceptible to acne on their bums tend to work out, because the human body tends to sweat all over – especially in that area.  When you don’t shower right after you work up a sweat, it can cause the dirt and oil to become trapped in the pores, causing acne to occur in the bum.  So, make sure you’re making it a point to shower after you sweat or head to the gym.  It can just be a quick body rinse but make sure that you’re rinsing off all the oil, dirt and sweat from your body to help prevent acne from occurring on your bum.

Use a Specific Body Wash
Just like the skin on the rest of our bodies, the skin on our bum can be negatively affected by body wash products with fragrances and such in them.  Additionally, if you have acne on your bum some body washes can make it worse or prolong the healing process.  Experts suggest using body wash products that list benzoyl peroxide and/or salicylic acid as an ingredient.  Both of these ingredients have been found to work wonders on acne for the body, so utilizing a body wash that has these ingredients can really do wonders for helping you to get rid of any acne on your bum.

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Drink More Water
So often, our internal health effects our skin’s appearance and health.  If you’re finding that you’re struggling with acne on your bum it could also be because of some of the dietary habits you have.  Make drinking water a bigger priority – it helps flush out toxins from the body.  And make sure you’re avoiding overly processed foods as much as possible.

Watch the Products You Use
Like we mentioned above with the body wash, the skin on our bum can be effected by certain products that we’re using just like the rest of our skin.  If you’re finding that you’re struggling with acne on your bum, it’s worth looking into switching out some of the other body products you may be using.  This is especially true for lotions.  Many lotions tend to be pretty thick and can cause acne to become worse, or cause you to have the acne in the first place.  Experts suggest looking for a lotion that contains lactic acid as an ingredient – it’s been found to be incredibly beneficial for acne and can help the healing process tremendously.

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