Getting the Mermaid Look!

Getting the Mermaid Look!

Mermaids may be mythical, but every depiction of them is gorgeous. They have a romantic, windswept look that is beautiful and feminine. While you may not want to go full fin, you may want to emulate some of the style you see. From head to polished aqua toes, you too can begin the underwater siren transformation without even getting your fins wet! Here are a few ways that you can get the mermaid look to update your style:

You can go two routes to get a mermaid look: Hair dye or hair style. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can dye your hair a special color, like sea foam green, light aqua, baby pink, or lilac. If you’re really daring, you can dye a combination of those colors. If the thought of dying your hair bright colors is too much, you can stick to beautiful curls or relaxed waves to get the mermaid look. Add a strand of pearls or a single flower behind the ear if you want to provide a little something extra. Incorporating washable strands of hair color or even just a clip ins are striking in a sleek ponytail or braided!

The aquarium nail trend is ideal for the mermaid look. This trend involves inserting gel into the acrylic nail, creating the look of water. You can put glitter or even tiny fish in the gel also. This isn’t a look you can DIY, so you should find a nail tech who has the skills to do it. If aquarium nails seem like too much, stick to aquatic nail design or even just aqua blue and green solids.

Clothing and Accessories
You don’t have to don a mermaid fin to get the mermaid look. Choose dresses that have sequins or glitter in shades of blue, green, lilac, or even gold. The sequins will create an iridescent look that is perfect for a mermaid. You can also choose long, flowy dresses that mimic the look of the waves. Pair your gowns with golden, strappy sandals or other metallic footwear.

Luminous metallic and oceanic hues are the shadows that will take your look from sea to land instantly. Add on a few crystals around the brow and at the corners of your eyes and your mermaid transformation is complete. Use a face powder that contains a little sparkle paired with a light catching lip gloss to give them that dewy, plump look.

The mermaid look is a beautiful, feminine look that anyone can pull off with the right styling choices. Try out this new look for back to school or for your next date night. You’ll love the way you look, and you might want to make the style part of your everyday rotation.

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