Glamour Waves vs. Beachy Waves With an Iron

Glamour Waves vs. Beachy Waves With an Iron

Both glamour waves and beachy waves are extraordinarily beautiful ways to create a standout hairstyle that looks super pretty with any clothing style or for any occasion you choose to wear it to. Sometimes, it can be a little stressful or difficult to figure out how to differentiate creating one style from the other. That’s, of course, where Lionesse steps in to offer you helpful advice and tips on how you create one style from the other, so you have two elegant and beautiful looks in a matter of minutes at your fingertips. All you will need is your flat iron. Read on below for some of the best tips and tricks we can offer to help you attain these styles.

Woman with beachy waves hairstyle

Beachy Waves
To get beachy waves with your flat iron, you will want to use a hair serum to protect the hair before beginning the flat ironing/curling process, and then you can begin. You will want to grasp small sections of hair, about 1-2 inches in width, and begin about halfway down the hair shaft. You will want to put the hair into the flat iron and twist it backwards to begin, and then from there, pull downwards gently on the hair. You will want to release the hair from the flat iron about one inch above the end of the hair, as this gives the most blended beachy look. This is one of the main differences between glamour waves and beachy waves. Complete this all over your head – but to make it appear more natural, twist the flat iron forwards in some areas to give a more natural waved look.

Woman with glamour waves hairstyle.

Glamour Waves
To get glamour waves, there is actually quite a bit of a different process. You will of course want to apply a heat protection spray or serum to the hair before beginning to ward off any heat damage. From there, you will need to section off your hair for this look. Working with about 2-3 inch pieces of hair, clamp your flat iron around the hair, and roll it around the hair twice, ensuring that the clamped hair plus the hair which was hanging is now wrapped around the flat iron. Pull downward, constantly rotating the flat iron to get the desired glamour look. Repeat all over the sides and back of the head. After you finish each section, roll each piece up gently and pin to the head to allow the waves to set and cool. When it comes to the front of your hair, you will want to roll downward and towards your face. Then, pin and allow it to cool. Release all pinned hair once each piece is cooled, and using a brush, spray it with a bit of hairspray. Then, pull your brush through the curls, leaving gorgeous glamour waves behind. Spray the entirety of your hair with a bit of hairspray to hold the curl. Remember, you don’t want ringlets of any sort – what you do want is gorgeous, beautiful waves that are soft and that fall gently on the shoulders.

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