Great Fall Hair Care Advice

Great Fall Hair Care Advice

Ready to get your hair on point as we transition to the Fall season?  It’s that time of year when we’re all feeling a lot drier than we do typically between our skin and dry air, we almost forget that our hair needs some TLC as well.  To keep your hair looking flawless all year long, it’s advised by the experts that we switch up our hair care routines and cater to the needs that we have as we go through the different seasons.  Let’s face it, we don’t want to deal with hair that doesn’t feel great any point throughout the year, so we’re sharing some great Fall haircare advice to keep you in check.

Repair The Summer Damage
It’s likely that your hair took a bit of a beating throughout the summer months, between the sun and chlorine it’s probably needing some repairing done.  You may even notice your hair feeling a bit drier and maybe even experiencing more frizz than normal, this is a sign that you’ve experienced some summer damage to your hair.  The good news is you can reverse the damage and get your hair back on point.  Experts suggest doing something as simple as a really great deep conditioning treatment to your hair to get the moisture and hydration back to your locks.  Typically, when our hair gets dried out during the summer, adding the moisture and conditioning elements from a conditioning treatment is all you need.  You can use a product that you purchase, or if you feel you really need a deep conditioning treatment done, head to your salon for professional grade conditioning.

Eliminate Any Buildup
As we transition into a new season, it’s a great time to start fresh in a sense.  Experts suggest using a great clarifying shampoo to eliminate a lot of the buildup that develops in our hair over time.  Since we’re going into a new season, this is a really great way to really get the product buildup out of your hair that could also be weighing your hair down making it feel heavier and just not styling the way you want it to.

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Get To The Salon
We made it through another summer, your hair took a little beating from the elements and you’re probably ready for a little change or refresh.  This is a great time to schedule a haircut appointment with your hair stylist for this reason.  Getting a haircut this time of year is a great way to, similar to the clarifying shampoo, give your hair a little refresh by eliminating split ends and getting a little life back into your hair.  In addition, it’s a great time to switch up your look a bit as we go into the fall – you probably want something a little different and this time of year is perfect for a change.  Your hair will feel lighter, refreshed and free of those pesky split-ends that have been bothering you.

Do you have any fall haircare tips you swear by?

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