Hair Dye Safety for Teens and Tweens

Hair Dye Safety for Teens and Tweens

One of the rights of passage growing up for teens and tweens is experimenting with different beauty trends and treatments.  As girls (and boys) grow up, they become really interested in trying different hair colors, makeup products, and nail colors…just to name a few.  Of course most of these are completely harmless and a part of daily life for so many of us long after we’re in our teens.  However, there are some things to take into consideration if your teen or tween is beginning to express interest in coloring their hair.  There are is some hair dye safety for teens and tweens that we think everyone (parents, teens, tweens, etc.) should all be aware of to ensure everyone is experimenting with these beauty products safely.

Play it Safe
Because teens and tweens are still developing in their bodies and their bodies are changing so drastically, many experts suggest that when it comes to hair dye teens and tweens play it safe with the coloring.  Basically, they suggest that this age group of individuals shouldn’t go 3 shades lighter or darker than their natural hair color.  This is because going any more drastic than that in terms of hair dye and coloring requires a different type of ingredient (peroxide specifically) that can cause a lot of damage to the natural hair.

Seek Professional Assistance
While many teens and tweens are eager to color their hair themselves, and many parents are happy to save the money for them to do it themselves, experts suggest avoiding the at-home hair coloring for this age group of individuals.  The reason behind this is because many of the at-home hair coloring options require that the users are thoroughly reading the directions and following them to a T.  When these at-home hair dye products aren’t used properly, some people can suffer from scalp burns as a result.  Since teens and tweens are typically more sensitive with their skin and bodies in general, they can be even more likely to develop these scalp burns from the misuse of at-home hair dyes.  Experts suggest that you and your teens/tweens avoid any of these types of problems with hair dye and go to a salon professional for any hair coloring needs.  While it could be more expensive initially, it can save your teen/tween from dealing with any permanent damage to their hair or burning their scalp.  In addition, hair professionals know how to properly treat and take care of the hair of teens/tweens so they can be sure they don’t cause any damage to their hair.

We’re all about teens and tweens experimenting and discovering their own personal style through the use of hair dye and other beauty treatments, however we’re also big on making sure that if they are going to try out these types of things they do so in a safe way.  If you have a teen or tween at home who’s interested in trying hair dye, make sure you encourage them to follow these conditions to make sure their safety is taken care of.

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