Healthy Hair Habits For Thick Tresses

Healthy Hair Habits For Thick Tresses

Hair health is extremely important, especially when you want your hair to look its best. Developing healthy hair habits isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. We get hung up on getting out the door as quickly as possible in the morning and tend to put the healthy hair habits to the wayside in doing so. If you have thick tresses, you’re in the right place. Caring for your hair in the best way is very much influenced by your hair’s type. That being said, we’ve uncovered some great healthy hair habits for thick tresses that all the ladies with thick hair need to start incorporating into their hair care routines!

Be Careful of the Weight
Ladies with thick tresses know very well that you can get a headache from wearing your hair up at times. While it’s convenient and easy to throw your hair up and out of your face when you have thick hair, wearing your hair up too often can add a lot of stress to your scalp.

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With the thickness in your hair, there’s additional weight there that can pull on the scalp. The truth is, our hair’s health starts at the scalp so make sure you’re not wearing your hair up too often and keeping the weight off of your scalp.

Condition Your Hair More
When you have thick hair, it takes a little bit more to make sure that your hair is well conditioned and moisturized. One of the most forgotten and untapped habits ladies use to keep their thick locks healthy is using a deep conditioning treatment on their hair regularly. While using a conditioner when you shower is important, it’s often not enough for thick tress ladies. Give your thick hair that extra condition it needs by making it a priority to deep condition on a regular basis. Moisturized and conditioned hair is much healthier and happier hair!

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Don’t Use Too Much Heat
So often ladies with thick hair feel like they’re able to style their hair with heat more often but it’s important to make sure that you’re giving your hair a break from the heat. Even when you use healthy habits with heated styling tools, your hair can become dry and brittle when using heat too often. Additionally, the heat tends to bring out the moisture from your hair-you know what we just said about moisture! Make it a habit to give your hair a break from heat as often as possible. It will give your hair a chance to recuperate from the heat stress and make sure that your hair is healthier because it’s not under so much stress from constant heat.

Care for Your Scalp
Going off of what we mentioned about the weight effecting your scalp. Thick tress ladies need to make sure they’re not just taking care of their hair, but also emphasizing on the care of their scalp. Give yourself scalp massages when you’re in the shower to get the blood circulation going and make sure that you’re really moisturizing your scalp as well!

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