Help Your Skin Regenerate While You Sleep

Help Your Skin Regenerate While You Sleep

Catching some quality sleep time is pretty incredible, wouldn’t you say? While getting sleep itself is great, especially after living a hectic day like so many of us do, what if we told you that you could take your sleeping up a notch? Ok, we’re not actually talking about the sleep itself but rather the effect it has on our skin. It’s not a secret that sleep and getting enough sleep is something that has a huge impact on our skin’s health and appearance. In fact, we’ve found some ways that you can actually help your skin regenerate while you sleep. Don’t worry, we’re not stingy–we’re sharing how you can too!

Use A Night Cream
There’s no real harm in using one moisturizer for your day and night time skin care routine, but if you want to really regenerate your sleep WHILE you sleep making some changes to your moisturizer can help immensely. Experts suggest that using a night cream, which is essentially a richer formulation of a moisturizer, can help with this. Because of the added richness in texture and moisture in these types of products, your skin is getting a lot of added benefits throughout the night. Most of us don’t truly have enough moisture in our skin and the night time is a great way to get that added moisture locked in.

Add Antioxidants to Your Skin
You’ve probably heard experts in the industry (including us) discuss how powerful antioxidants are for our skin’s health and appearance. Using antioxidants are great for your morning and evening skin care routine, but they’re definitely necessary to add to your evening skin care routine if you want to help regenerate your skin. Because of the way our bodies slow down while we’re asleep, our skin is able to better absorb and utilize the antioxidants in skin care products in a much more effective manner. In other words, our skin is able to use the antioxidants provided and use them to protect our skin much more thoroughly when they’re applied before going to bed.

Use Retinoids
Retinoids are talked about a lot within the skin care industry. You’ve probably heard the name, and may have even tried products containing them yourself. Retinoids are powerful for anti-aging, and used in a lot of different anti-aging skin care products because they’re so beneficial in creating a healthy cell turnover (which helps to repair and protect from signs of aging in the skin). The problem with retinoids is while they’re loaded with benefits with anti-aging they cause the skin to become quite sensitive, primarily to the sun and light. Many people are afraid to use them because of this, however you can use them in your night time skin care routine to help with the regenerating process of your skin. Since your skin isn’t being exposed to light and the sun throughout the night, using them in the evening allows you to reap the benefits without any of the sensitivity issues.

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