History of Diamonds in Skin Care

History of Diamonds in Skin Care

Diamonds have long been a girl’s best friend in more ways than one. They not only look stunning on your finger, or around your neck, or gracing your earlobes, they are used for many more purposes than that – including skin care. Diamonds have been used for years by exclusive skin care brands that go above and beyond in their product development phase, to reduce the appearance of aging, give an illuminated glow to the skin, and improve the skin’s quality. Lionesse Gem has a brief history of the use of diamonds for skin care, and how this special ingredient came to be used in skin products.

Diamonds: A History
The use of diamonds in skin care dates back to the Roman times, when they were revered and used by royalty for good health and beautiful skin. They were also considered the gemstone belonging to Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty. These claims in today’s day and age have been proven by science and various studies to show that diamonds, in all their beautiful splendor, are indeed an essential part to overall health and beauty.

How Diamonds are Used Today
In today’s world, diamond powder and diamond dust are collected and utilized in high end makeup and skin care products, such as the Forever Flawless Skin Care line, which implement the dust and powder along with other beneficial ingredients to give the skin a beautiful glow, while infusing the pores with good-for-you botanicals and minerals. You can find diamond powder and diamond dust in everything from cleansers, creams, serums, lotions, and more. As the appeal of diamond powder continues to grow, more and more mainstream companies are catching on – even utilizing the precious diamond powder into drug store based product lines.

Woman with golden makeup blowing diamond dust.

‘So, what is so special about diamonds, anyway?’ That is the question of the hour. Lionesse has dug deep to find some of the most useful purposes for diamonds in skin care, and also for health and body:

  • Positively affect all vital organs within the body
  • Effective at fever reduction and fighting infection
  • Jump starting metabolism
  • Improve circulatory system and function
  • Treat and alleviate myriad skin conditions and disorders
  • Strengthen energy centers in some religious belief systems
  • Improve skin’s appearance
  • Exfoliate the skin gently
  • Illuminate and highlight the skin
  • Provide anti-aging prevention benefits
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

Science had proven time and time again that the particles found within diamond powder truly do have a positive effect on overall body, rather than just one area over another. On another hand, many studies have been done to prove that diamond powder alone can be harmful to the human body due to the microscopic shards and glass like components contained within.

Final Advice
When choosing a skin care product that contains diamond infusion, either in the form of powder or dust, always choose from a reputable source, and read plenty of reviews to gain a broader perspective on what each individual type of product is capable of.

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