Holiday Clutch Essentials

Holiday Clutch Essentials

With the holiday season well underway, you’ve probably got a calendar full of different events to attend, and of course let’s not forget New Year’s Eve!  Whether it’s the holiday season or any other special event that you’re attending for a fun night out you’ve probably been faced with the decision before heading out the door with what you should actually bring with you.  Let’s face it…those little clutch bags LOOK great, but they’re not exactly full of a lot of room to bring what you carry in your typical everyday bag.  Since we know you’re probably facing this question a bit more right now, we thought we would share some of our holiday clutch essentials.  In other words, what to put in the tiny purse!

If you’re going out for a fun night out you’re probably going to be talking to people all night long, and you’ll also probably be drinking and eating different things.  You don’t want to be stuck feeling self-conscious because you’re worried about what your breath may smell like – packing a couple pieces of gum can save you from embarrassment and just feeling better after sneaking in some snacks or after your meal.

A big night out probably means you’re going to be stepping out in shoes that you may not be used to wearing on a regular basis, and while they look REALLY pretty they may not feel so pretty after a couple of hours on your feet.  Slipping a couple band-aids into your clutch can be a major life saver to get you through if you notice some rubbing happening in an uncomfortable place.

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Your Lip Color For The Evening
Regardless of the lip color or product you’ve chosen to apply to complete your makeup look for the night out, you’re not going to want to leave the house without it.  This is definitely a must have that you bring with you in your clutch bag.  Even if you have a long lasting formula, odds are you’re going to be drinking and eating and things happen and lipstick can wear off – cover your bases and bring it with you in your clutch so you don’t have to stress about it.

Money + ID
Of course we can’t forget to mention the major essentials with ensuring that you’re packing some money and your ID.  It’s up to you on whether you prefer to bring cash or a card, but make sure you have a safe slot in your clutch to hold these items since you WON’T want anything to happen to them.  Even if you don’t think you’ll need to pay for anything or necessarily need your ID it’s wise to make sure that you have them with you just in case.

Bobby Pins
You don’t need a lot of bobby pins, but if you have your hair in an updo in any way, shape or form it’s essential that you bring a few backup bobby pins.  Between weather, dancing and socializing in any way you can end up with a few flyaway pieces so it’s nice to have a couple backups just in case.

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