Hot Weather Hair And Beauty Essentials

Hot Weather Hair And Beauty Essentials

Maintaining your hair and beauty routine can make your life significantly easier. Floating between different products and techniques can be a time sucker, and we know you don’t have time to waste! Since we’re still in the midst of the hot weather season you’ve probably run into some common beauty struggles and have been searching for some answers to help. We’re all about simplicity…ok, maybe not simplicity in the most traditional sense but we do believe in having a few essentials on hand to keep you looking and feeling your best. These are our hot weather hair and beauty essentials we think you should try for yourself!

Hydrating Body Wash
Hot weather tends to wreak havoc on our skin, sucking it’s natural moisture and hydration right out. Between the sun and the hot temperatures, it’s a lot more difficult to keep your skin well hydrated this time of year. Naturally, we encourage you to make drinking water and using quality moisturizing products a top focus this time of year but adding in a hydrating body wash is going to be another essential for your beauty needs. Starting the extra hydrating boost in the shower, when your skin is soft is a great way to get more hydration locked in after you get out of the shower.

Wide Toothed Comb
Spending time in the water? Whether you’re in the pool, ocean/lake or just eager to make your hair care routine a little easier a wide toothed comb is a must this time of year. Since our hair tends to become much drier this time of year (much like our skin) it’s important that you’re providing your hair the necessary care when it’s wet. Here’s the deal…when our hair is wet it’s in its most vulnerable state. That basically means that our hair is much more likely to become  damaged when it’s wet. The best thing you can do to get rid of knots and get all the products through your hair when its wet is to use a wide toothed comb. Wide toothed combs are great because they allow you to spread product(s) throughout your hair as well as get rid of any knots, while protecting your hair in the process so you won’t end up with further damage.

Hydrating Sheet Mask
You’ve probably noticed moisture is a big theme in beauty essentials for the hot weather. It doesn’t stop with your body wash or hair care, though. Adding a hydrating sheet mask into your skin care routine will be a tremendous help in adding that extra moisture into your skin. Like we said, our skin needs the extra moisture this time of year and sheet masks are a great way to get concentrated assistance to our skin in a short amount of time. Using a hydrating sheet mask once a week can be all the extra hydration you need to keep your skin healthy, happy and glowing all summer long.

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