How Long Can Your Hair Grow?

How Long Can Your Hair Grow?

If you’ve ever thought about growing your hair out, you likely asked yourself or your hairstylist “how long can your hair grow?”  It’s a question many of us have ourselves and for others, because it doesn’t really seem to have a reason behind its growth cycle at times.  While you likely try to keep up with regular haircuts and maintaining your hair in a healthy way, you may still be wonder just how long your hair can grow.  Well, if you’re curious – we’re sharing some of the science behind how long your hair can grow and we’re going to share a couple tips to help you maximize on them as well.

Here’s the deal, our hair actually starts with hair follicles.  We develop a certain number of hair follicles before we’re even born.  The interesting thing about hair follicles is that once we develop the hair follicles as a fetus, we don’t grow any additional follicles later on in our lives.  So basically, what we get is what we get – that doesn’t change.  Now, while our hair starts with the follicles it also goes through growth cycles.  Generally speaking, experts have found that our hair grows about .3-.4 mm daily.  That ends up being around 6” every single year.  The real growth in our hair happens during the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle, it’s also known as the activity phase.  This is typically where you’ll start to experience the most growth in your hair.  So the real answer to how long your hair can grow is really dependent upon how long your hair is in the anagen phase.  Some people tend to fluctuate with how long their hair is in this phase for, so it’s really up to that growth phase to get you to a longer length.

If you’re on a mission to grow your hair long, and you’re not quite sure how long your hair is in this anagen phase for, there are a few tips that experts suggest you incorporate into your hair care routine to really maximize and encourage your hair’s growth.  The first thing is to massage your scalp.  We don’t often think of our scalp as having a large impact on our hair, but it’s where our hair starts.  So really without a healthy scalp, it’s difficult to have healthy hair that’s encouraged to grow.  Give yourself a scalp massage anytime you wash your hair, it will feel great and really gets the blood circulating in your scalp to encourage a healthier scalp.  In addition to that, eating a balanced diet and even including some supplements can do wonders.  Our hair is highly affected by what we eat on a regular basis (that inside-out health discovery).  If you’re serious about wanting to grow your hair, experts suggest cleaning up your diet to include more healthy fats, lean protein and a lot of fruits and veggies to give your hair the nutrients it needs.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt to add some high quality supplements that include biotin to get a little added boost.

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