How Long Will Your Locks Grow

How Long Will Your Locks Grow

When it comes to your hair (otherwise known as locks), it can sometimes seem like there’s no real method or consistency when it comes to it growing.  How long will your locks grow?  How do you make your locks grow?  So many questions around the growth of our hair.  We thought it would be fun to dive a little deeper into the facts around hair growth to give you some of the details so you know a little bit more about the locks you have.  Knowing some of these facts, can help you to feel like you have a little more understanding in regards to your hair growing.

Where Your Hair Starts
Our hair actually starts from hair follicles, it’s said that there are around 5 million hair follicles in the body and they’re formed during the fetus stage of development.  What you may not realize is that as human beings, we don’t lose or grow more hair follicles as we age.  So while some people may feel as though they lose hair (and they may lose hair) as they age, they’re not losing actual hair follicles.

Hair Growth Cycle
If you’ve ever wondered exactly how fast your locks grow, experts suggest that our hair grows at .3-.4 mm every day…or around 6” every year.  There are actually three different stages of hair growth that occurs in our hair, and we all have hair that’s at various stages of hair growth at any given time.  The different phases of hair growth include anagen, catagen, and telogen.  Anagen is the phase where the new hairs are actually forming, during this phase of growth the hair is growing at a rate of about 1cm every 28 days.  Typically, the hair on your scalp stays in their phase for 2-6 years at a time.  One important factor to know and consider is that some people do have hair that goes through a shorter amount of activity phase (anagen is also known as an activity phase).  If you find that you struggle to grow your hair out to be long, it can be because of the fact that your hair doesn’t go through a long active phase.

So while we can have different active growth phases, that can strongly impact how long our locks actually get, some experts have found that keeping up with a consistent hair care routine can help to ensure that you’re keeping your scalp and hair healthy – hopefully helping to elongate that active growth phase.  When it comes to keeping your hair healthy, it’s important to make sure you’re not leaving out your scalp (where most of the growth and health of your hair actually stems from).  Massaging your scalp regularly and eating a healthy, well-balanced diet play huge roles in this.  In addition, if you want to grow out your hair more, make sure that you’re using high-quality hair care products, not washing your hair daily, and being gentle on your hair.  All of these things combined can really help to keep your hair, scalp and growth in check.

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