How to Apply Eye Cream

How to Apply Eye Cream

Applying an eye cream doesn’t require a whole lot of experience or know how – you just need to know where to place it, what to target, and your skin type to really succeed at the application process. Today, Lionesse would like to show you how you can get the best eye skin area possible by proper application methods of your favorite eye cream.

Use in the Morning and At Night
When you are going to be applying an eye cream, you want to make sure you apply it to freshly cleansed, well moisturized skin. After your moisturizer has been applied, go ahead and begin getting ready to apply your eye cream.

Use a Pea Sized Amount for Both Eyes
When you are applying your favorite eye cream, be sure to only use a pea sized amount, which is enough to apply to both eye areas. Apply it to the top of your hand, so that you can complete the application process without contaminating your cream’s nozzle or container.

Use Ring Finger for Application
When it comes to applying your favorite eye cream, be sure after applying the product to your hand, you use your ring finger from the opposite hand to gently dab the product underneath eye eye, upwards around the outer corner of the eye, and on the brow bone under your eyebrow. You want to avoid applying the product directly to the eyelid, as this may cause irritation. The product will, in itself on it’s own, migrate in a downward movement where it needs to go –hence applying it to the upper brow bone area. You can also take a bit of the cream and dab it in towards the nose.

Pat Product In – Don’t Rub
When you’ve applied the eye cream to the designated areas as described, you will then need to go in with your index finger and pat the product into the areas where it has been applied. Be sure to gently pat as this area is very delicate, and do not under any circumstances rub the product in. Rubbing the skin causes tension in the skin, and we all know tension leads to (gasp) wrinkles, fine lines, and even dark circles to form under the eyes. Patting the product in is enough to get it into the pores and allow the pores time to drink up the moisture.

Wait Before Makeup Application
After you have applied the product to your eyes and it has begun the absorption process, you will want to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water to avoid getting any product into your eyes when you are completing your eye makeup. Before applying your eye makeup or any other facial products, for that matter, it’s a good idea to allow the product to rest on the skin for about 90 seconds before any products are applied. This gives the cream time to work and absorb into the skin, and you don’t run the risk of the product being ineffective in this case.

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