How to Control Curl Type

How to Control Curl Type

Getting the perfect curled hair look for you is easy if you know a few simple tips and tricks. Not all curlers are the same, and each size curler you use will provide different results. Also, the amount of time you focus your heat styling tools on a specific area can also have a dramatic impact on the overall look of your curls as well. Lionesse would like to give you some tips on how you can achieve your perfect controlled curl type in the blog post below.

Getting the type of curl you want is pretty easy if you know what you want to achieve.The principle is simple: if you want larger, wavy, or looser curls, you will need a large barreled curling iron or curling wand, or you could even use your flat iron. If you want to have tighter, smaller ringlet type curls you will need more heat, a smaller curling barreled iron, and no finger tousling or brushing through. The type of hairspray you use depends on the style you are going for. For example: Soft curls – Soft hold hairspray, Tight Curls – Maximum hold hairspray.

Everyday Waves
To get an everyday waved look, which could be boho styled waves, or beachy waves, you will need a large barreled curling iron or curling wand, or a 3 prong wand. Wrap the hair with a separation between the wraps. You won’t want to hold the hair on the iron for too long as we are only attempting to create waves, not curls. Opt for about 10 seconds per wave. Once all of the hair on your head has been waved successfully, separate the hair with your fingers, but do not use a brush. If you want a beachier look, opt for using a bit of a sea salt spray on the hair after it has all been styled to give it a more authentic look. Opt for a soft hold hairspray to set the look into place.

Woman with loose curls.

Loose Curls
To get a loose curled look, you will need a flat iron or curling wand. You will want to wrap the hair with a space separating each individual wrap around, and hold the iron in place for about 20 seconds per strand. Release and don’t worry about brushing through the hair – you want the curls to remain intact without being brushed through, otherwise you will end up with a glamour wave look rather than a loose curl look. For this type of curl, a soft hold hairspray works best.

Tight Spiral Curls
If you’re going for a more spiral curled look, like a perm or something similar, you will need a small barreled curling iron or curling wand. Wrap the hair in very close proximity around the curling iron, ensuring you bring the curling iron or flat iron all the way down to the bottom of the hair. Hold in place for about 20 seconds on high heat. Once all of the curls have been completed on the head, spray with a maximum hold hair spray and scrunch. Don’t opt for finger separation, brushing or combing as this will pull the curls loose.

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