How to Deflate Puffiness Under the Eyes

How to Deflate Puffiness Under the Eyes

The eyes, they say, are the windows to the soul, and they may or not be, but it is surely true that most people tend to notice the eyes of others they encounter fairly quickly, at least when face to face with them. With the entire face being the best bearer of a person’s general mood, the eyes offers the best information of all facial features, with perhaps the mouth ranking a close second. Sure, there’s body language, but only the face can belie the most outward display of body language on any count. As we age, and women in particular, time has a way of taking its toll on the eyes, and the appearance of a person’s eyes are often instrumental in the diagnostic process of many diseases and deficiencies relied on by medical professionals.

The Eyes Are Regarded Differently in Different Settings
In the wild, eye to eye contact is regarded as a form of aggression, and this perception is also held in certain underdeveloped cultures of the world. This is not the case in the U.S., and due to the prominence of the eyes among the aspects others use in assessing us and sizing us up plays a significant role in the outpouring of different products, techniques and advice pertaining to the eye, and particularly the skin around the eyes, and even more specifically, that telltale area beneath the eyes.

Puffiness Can Occur Quite Suddenly
The skin just below your eyes can go for years without standing out as problematic in any way, although one of the biggest causes of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes often comes from coming into contact with allergens by allergy sufferers. There can be other issues underlying chronic under eye puffiness that necessitate a visit to your MD. It is always best to figure out the source that is causing the problem, but in the interim, as well as at any other time, most folks would always opt for a way or two to reduce or eliminate that irksome under eye puffiness. Puffiness is linked with excessive crying, too much alcohol the night before, lack of sleep, bad diet and other catalysts.

End That Puffiness at Home
There are a number of highly effective products you can buy to help reduce that awful puffiness under your eyes, but why not first try one of these home remedies that are just as effective?

  • Ice Water Rescue: One of the best remedies for under eye puffiness, when there’s time, wrap up some ice cubes in a water-soaked bandana or scarf and lie down, placing the bag of ice across your eyes and just remain there, still and relaxed for 10 minutes. If you’re out, take your eye makeup with you and take advantage of every chance to dash to the women’s bathroom where you can splash some cold water on those eyes, and then reapply makeup as needed.
  • The Old Saltwater Trick: Warm saltwater has long been a cure-all for many aches and pains, and it can work wonders on puffy eyes. The water should be warm enough to resemble bathwater, mixed ½ t. salt to 1 quart of warm water. Place several cotton balls into the water and begin rotating them from the water, to your eyes for about 10 seconds, then back to the water–where you quickly select another soaking cotton ball to put back on the eyes. Do for about 10 minutes.
  • Strawberry Relief: Remove their tops, slice in halves and refrigerate or gently freeze. When cold, lie down and rotate cold strawberries to rest on your closed eyes for 7-10 minutes. They are loaded with Alpha Hydroxy power to defeat puffiness.
  • Aloe Vera: Before you lay down that cosmetic foundation, paint some Aloe Vera juice– loaded with antioxidants and vitamin E– all over the puffy area and allow to dry. This will reduce puffiness and erase fine lines and wrinkles too.
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