How to Get a Better Blow Out

How to Get a Better Blow Out

Blow drying your hair is sometimes tedious – especially if you’ve got long hair. There are ways to make it more enjoyable and less stressful, though. When you get a great blow out, you know it. Your hair will look fabulous with lots of volume, and will be shiny, soft, and manageable. Here, Lionesse provides you with some tips for getting a better blow out at home.

Use a Good Quality Blow Dryer
Using a good quality blow dryer is key to getting a great blow out. There are various types of blow dryers available which range in price from low numbers such at $10, and they can go all the way up to around $500 and more. One of the top quality blow dryers on the market is our very own Lionesse 12V Twin Turbo Professional Hair Dryer. This blow dryer is capable of giving you one of the best blow outs you will ever experience – and it is worth every penny.

Use a Serum
Serums are a fantastic way to add shine, heat protection, and frizz control. John Frieda’s Original 6 Effects serum does just that perfectly, and without effort. It controls frizz and has humidity protection, adds shine, smoothes the hair, hydrates the hair, and tames the hair. Overall, it’s a great value for a great product that actually lives up to its claim. You could try something on the higher end of the spectrum such as our very own Lionesse Hair Serum, which rids frizz and detangles hair, and it also gives you the shiny look you crave. Aside from that, the product is infused with Vitamins E and Aloe, which will provide you with stronger strands.

Start With Your Fingers
Rather than beginning your blow out with a brush right off the bat, you will want to use your fingers to begin your blow dry. You don’t want to go in with the brush until you’ve dried the hair to a point where it’s slightly damp, and then begin working on it with the brush. This will give you the best blow out possible.

Use Appropriate Brushes
When blow drying your hair, you will want to make sure you are using the appropriate brush for your hair type, and the style you want. For instance, if you have really thick long hair, you will want to use a large round brush which is capable of circulating the heat throughout the brush and hair, or you could also use a large flat paddle brush. If you have thin hair and you are looking to get the most volume during your blow out, a round brush and working your hair at the roots first and foremost is important to achieve that lifted, full look.

Take Your Time
Giving yourself enough time and not rushing through the process of your blow out will ensure you get the best blow out possible. Working in small sections is important to make sure each section is blow dried evenly and in the same fashion. You want to make sure you fully dry each section, and give yourself a while to work depending on your hair’s thickness and length.

Bring On the Heat
You want to use a good dose of heat when blow drying your hair, because the heat is what is going to dry your strands, obviously. It may seem like common sense, but using less heat could actually cause frizz to happen, because the drying process takes longer than normal. If you can stand it, blast your strands with a higher heat setting, followed up with a cool down to lock in the shine.

Cool It
As mentioned above, after you have fully dried your hair, you will want to blast your hair with the cool setting to lock in brilliant shine and cool yourself down. It feels great, and will leave your hair looking shiny and silky smooth.

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