How to Prep Hair for Curly Updos

How to Prep Hair for Curly Updos

A curly updo is a twist on the classic updo, providing a bit more texture and a softer, more romantic look. You can wear a casual style for a date night, or you can wear something a bit more sophisticated for a formal event.

Before you can start styling your hair and worrying about how to get the perfect curl, you have to prepare the hair to make sure the style sets and your hair looks great when it’s finished. Here are a few things you can do to prep your hair for the perfect curly updo:

Straighten It
If you have naturally curly hair, you will need to straighten it first to get the curl you want. For example, your natural curls may be smaller than the curls you want for your new style. Trying to curl hair that is already curled won’t create the style you want and will only result in a frizzy mess. Use the lowest setting on your straightener to lessen damage to the hair shaft – also use a deep conditioner after this type of heat is applied to your hair to keep it healthy and looking great!

Apply an Anti-Frizz Serum
Applying so much heat to your hair can cause it to frizz. You want smooth locks for your updo, even it is a casual look. Frizz will only detract from the look. You can eliminate the problem by applying an anti-frizz serum before you start working with the heating tools. Tip: start with a pea size and work into the ends, going upward – never more than an inch from the roots of the hair.

Spray with Hairspray
Apply hairspray all over your hair before you start curling it. Then brush the hairspray through your hair. This will help to set the curl better when you apply the heat. After you have finished each curl, spray it again with hairspray for extra hold. Make sure you use an alcohol-free hairspray and one that is aerosol is less likely to gunk up in the hair and get sticky.

No Fail Route
Since the invention of the hair roller, there has been one no-fail process by which to curl ANY hair and make it last for days – the pink sponge roller. The one inch, pink sponge roller is undoubtedly the best way to prep hair for the most volumous, lasting updo ever! Start with freshly washed, ALMOST dried hair. Buy more rollers than you think you will need – separate hair into ½ inch sections and roll under, not upward. Get the roller as close as you can to the head and close. Spray generously with an alcohol-free hairspray and gently dry with a hair dryer on low. Wait 1-2 hours and take the rollers out. Spray again with hairspray and separate hair by combing it out with your fingers and shaking your head vigorously. Style and enjoy!

The right prep work will help you get the beautiful curly style you want and help it stay longer. These simple tips can make all the difference to getting the gorgeous curly updo you want.

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