How to Use Lionesse Hair Serum

How to Use Lionesse Hair Serum

Hair serums, for those who haven’t ever used them or haven’t used a good quality hair serum, can be life changing additions to your haircare routine. Hair serums provide so many benefits to the hair that just can’t be accomplished by use of any other products. Choosing a good quality hair serum is just as important as how you use it.  Today, Lionesse would like to take a few moments to speak on how you can use our fabulous Lionesse hair serum in your styles, and what it can do for you.

Use Before Heat Styling
Using the Lionesse Hair Serum before heat styling will help to seal moisture into your hair, while keeping your hair heat protected. It will also provide emollients to the hair to give it a beautiful sheen, and help you attain a sleeker style. Use with a flat iron, curling iron, or blow dryer to attain the perfect blowout. Apply a bit to the fingers, and work throughout the length of your hair while your hair is still damp for a blowout style, or into dry hair for other heat styling options. Don’t apply directly to the scalp, because it will weigh down the hair – this goes with any serum based product – but you can use whatever product is left over on the fingers to smooth down the hair on the top of your head before styling.

After Heat Styling
Use the Lionesse Hair Serum after heat styling to protect your style and give it a glossy sheen. Simply apply some product to your fingers, rub them together, and apply throughout the hair before the hair cools to lock in a beautiful shine and luster.

Woman taming her flyaways.

Use to Tame Flyaways
Some days, static can be our worst enemy. Flyaways and static can be tamed with our Lionesse Hair Serum. Just apply a pump or two to your fingertips, rub them together, and spread throughout the length of your hair from the mid-section to the ends of the hair, or wherever you need a touch up to tame down the flyaway sections.

Use to Protect Against Humidity
During the summer months, we all know how detrimental the humidity can be to our perfect, beautiful style. Adding some Lionesse Hair Serum to the mid to end lengths of your hair will ensure your style looks beautiful, flawless, and humidity protected to keep your style all day long. Simply apply a couple pumps of serum to your fingertips, rub together, and apply throughout the length of your hair. You can use whatever product may be left over on your fingers on the top of your hair, but never directly apply serum to your head or any portion of your hair. This doesn’t look good on anyone, and will appear overly greasy and messy.

We’re certain you will adore Lionesse Hair Serum enough to re-purchase the product once you near the end of the product – but your product will last you a while. Be sure to check out our other products and tools available in our Lionesse Collection.

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