How to Use Serums

How to Use Serums

Serums can be an extremely beneficial portion of any woman’s skin care routine. They can provide beneficial ingredients, including vitamins, botanicals, collagen which may be lost, and even luxury ingredients such as diamonds and gold, which are also extremely beneficial to the skin. They can revitalize tired, dull skin, and provide the skin with a beautiful glow. Each individual serum is different, and differs in some way from another in terms of use and what they outcome may be. Today, Lionesse would like to take a few minutes to discuss how to use serums in your daily or weekly skin care routine.

Application Methods
Generally, facial serums are designed to be applied to the face in conjunction with other products. They are typically applied to a fingertip, and directed to be applied by patting gently onto the skin that the serum is targeted for. When it comes to serums, you want to gently pat onto the skin and allow the skin time to gently absorb the product. You never want to harshly rub the serum into the skin, or use any sort of abrasive methods. That completely defeats the purpose of the serum. Serums are meant to heal and help specific areas, and you won’t do yourself any justice by not being gentle.

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Mix Into a Product Cocktail
All serums possess the capability, due to their thin texture, to be mixed with other products and applied all at once. Creating a product cocktail with your serum could really help to intensify the effects of the product, and provide the skin with an extra punch, kicking the effectiveness into high gear. Try mixing your favorite under eye serum with a drop of Vitamin E oil and a liquid toner for a refreshing, moisturizing experience. Or, you could try mixing your facial serum with another type of oil, such as diluted tea tree oil to target hormonal acne prone areas. The tea tree oil will kill the acne causing bacteria, and help the skin to heal, and the serum will go to work as it should. There are many variations of product cocktails when it comes to serums – all you need to do is think about your individual skin care needs, and go from there.

Different Types of Serums
There are many different types of serums available on the market. There are cheaper drug store brands, and then there are exclusive brands which are marketed by reputable, well-known companies in the skin care industry. Some serums are meant for the under eye area, some are meant for the cheeks and forehead, and others are meant for targeting other types of skin concerns such as blotches, redness, dark circles, discoloration, freckles, and skin brightening. No matter what type of serum you choose, you will want to be sure you do some research on the product before diving in and making the buy to see what other people have experienced while using that particular product. Sometimes, there are just bad products that you will want to stay away from – other times, there are great products that you should give a try. The best way to know what kind to use is to make sure you check up on them beforehand.

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    I have been using sheet facial masks and I love it. It gives moisture to my face, reduce wrinkles, and keeps my skin smooth and feels fresh. it is a great product.

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