How to Use Sheet Facial Masks

How to Use Sheet Facial Masks

Sheet face masks have become a popular skin care trend around the world, but originated in Korea. Korean women tend to stick to specific, rigorous skin care regimens on a daily basis for the perfect care of their flawless skin. Perhaps we can all take a lesson from the women of Korea and give a sheet facial mask a try. Today, Lionesse is going to teach you how to use a sheet facial mask, what a sheet facial mask is, and tell you about the benefits of these types of masks.

What They Are
Sheet face masks are generally paper masks that are infused with many different botanicals, essences, and vitamins, among other ingredients. Other ingredients that are found within these masks are collagen, moisturizing natural oils, kelp, sea weed, sea water and other ingredients. They are meant to be applied and contoured to the face to promote the skin’s well-being and beauty. There are different sheet masks meant to target specific skin conditions, skin concerns, and to provide relief from different bothersome concerns, such as acne or dry skin. Generally, sheet masks work well for all skin types. There are any high end brands available in the United States at luxury department stores, or there are masks in which you can purchase directly from Korea. It’s really just based on personal preference.

How They’re Used
Sheet face masks are used by first applying a special serum to the face – this isn’t always the case, but most usually it is, as this is what is commonplace in Korea – which hydrates the face and preps it for the mask application itself. From there, the mask is removed from the foil pouch they come in, and carefully applied to the face, ensuring you are careful of the eyes, nose, and mouth. Sheet masks come with those specific areas cut out already. Once the mask is pressed onto the skin, the typical wait time is from 10-20 minutes, but the product will state the time frame on the back of the packaging. When you remove the mask from your face, you will see there is a gel like or watery like substance left behind – this is what is known as essence and collagen, and should be pat into the skin on the face. The face masks usually contain plenty of essence left behind to use on the neck, chest, and stomach and to provide overall hydration. Count this as an added bonus with your product!

What Are Their Benefits
The benefits of sheet facial masks are many, but some of the most common beliefs about the product are that they infuse the skin with collagen, provide the skin with botanicals, infuse the skin with moisture, and keep the skin looking youthful and beautiful. If the women of Korea are anything to show for what these masks are capable of, we at Lionesse have to agree that there must be some magic in the midst of these amazing paper masks.

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