How to Use the 4P Curling System

How to Use the 4P Curling System

One of the greatest innovations to the heat-driven hair styling tool industry surely is the 4P Curling System and all of its versatility. And in addition to the variety of the types of curls you can use it to produce, when you style your hair with this system, you don’t need any other styling products, such as hairspray and waxes. The clip-free barrel means no snags and broken hair from detangling your hair from a clamp. It’s quick, straightforward and seamless like no other heated hair styling tool to hit the market.

The 4P Distinction
Prices for the current sets of these four interchangeable hair styling devices can run anywhere from around $100 on sale, and increase on up to over $500. Clip free curling wands have been used by the beauty industry experts for years, however they have hit big in the home market for DIYers who want a shot at the same styling options at home. With pricing becoming more affordable, more people are purchasing their own 4P Curling Wand Systems, and are loving what they do. With styling options that are glamorous and voluminous, like the trendy beachy waves we love, the clip free technology represents the next major advancement to hair styling, everywhere. These easy to use interchangeable styling wands are far easier to manage and operate, and they expedite the whole heat styling process. Best of all, say “farewell” to breakage, telltale lines and creases that conventional curling irons are known for. You’ll get salon results, every time.

Buy Savvy
In selecting the right brand for you (and your budget) check out the heat conducting capabilities of the material the barrel is made of, as some go much further in producing lasting curls and protecting your hair by locking in moisture, while attaining all this from minimal heat to the hair.

The Technique
Sectioning the hair is important when heat-styling, and it’s best to clip up the top segment of your hair and begin working on the back bottom. Depending on the look you want (and the amount of time you have) you can work with finely gathered strands, or more, not exceeding 2 inches at a time. The smallest wand is best reserved for adding curls around the face, or for curling random left-out strands from an updo or half-up. With the wand approximately 1.5 to 2 inches from the scalp, begin winding the section of hair from the wand’s base and outward, toward the narrower end, being careful not to let your fingers get too close to the barrel when holding the ends. Hold that position for about 3 seconds, then simply pull out the wand–without snags and tears. Smooth operation for smooth styling 4P.

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