Ideas For A Non-Traditional Christmas Feast


Christmas is historically a holiday full of traditions, whether it’s who you spend the holiday with, what food you eat, or the activities you do around the holiday – it’s definitely one of the major times of year that’s loaded with different traditions.  Of course, every family and each individual person has their own traditions.  But the thing about traditions, is sometimes it’s nice to switch things up and go the non-traditional route every once in a while.  We thought it would be fun to share some ideas for non-traditional Christmas feast.  If you’ve been feeling the urge to want to switch things up, adding one or all of these non-traditional Christmas feast ideas could be exactly what your Christmas dinner needs to make this year extra special.

Gumbo Or Seafood Stew
Traditionally, many families tend to have their main dish as turkey or ham, but we’ve actually recently come across a suggestion to switch that out for something a little different…like gumbo or some sort of seafood stew.  The great thing about this type of dish for a Christmas meal is it’s served warm, similar to a soup so it’s perfect for the season.  Additionally, both of these types of dishes are filled with flavors and spices that are sure to create a wonderful aroma around the house that will get people feeling warm and cozy and they eat the delicious meal.

Going The Healthier Route
Another suggestion we thought was so great for a non-traditional Christmas feast was the concept of lightening up the meal, to be a bit healthier.  If you’re on a weight loss journey, along with some of your other guests this could be a great alternative for you.  Eliminating a lot of the super heavy, high calorie dishes can be replaced with healthier options.  The great part is you can still add great flavor, enjoy great food, and most importantly spend time together with the ones you love.  You just won’t have to spend days feeling guilty about the amount of calories you consumed in one sitting.  One suggestion we saw for making a healthier Christmas meal was having some sort of hearty seafood like crab, shrimp or fish as the main protein dish for the meal, and skipping some of the heavy potatoes and such and replacing them with veggies seasoned well.

holiday sushi

Sushi Dinner
We came across this idea that we thought was SUCH a fun twist for a non-traditional Christmas feast.  The concept of having handmade sushi is so fun and unique, you’re sure to make a lasting impression for the holidays.  The bonus is with sushi you tend to not feel overly stuffed where you’ll want to take a nap shortly after eating.  In addition, it’s just plain fun to eat with chopsticks and easy to have a conversation while eating it.  If you want to take it a step further incorporate some other Asian food elements like making bento boxes for your guests – it’s a fun way to get them to feel like it’s an interactive meal.

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