Improving Facial Contours

Improving Facial Contours

The word contour has meant many different things.  Especially since the makeup technique of contouring has come to fruition in the last couple of years.  It’s really kicked off this major desire for many people to want to improve facial contours, and even think about contours of the face at all.  Prior to a couple years ago, you rarely heard anyone talking about contouring the face.  But now that we’re here and all curious as to how we can improve our facial contours, we thought we would dive into some of the popular ways you can actually do it.

Makeup Application
Obviously, one of the most common ways to improving facial contours that’s not permanent is by the use of makeup.  The contouring makeup technique really came to life when the Kardashian’s makeup artist shared pictures and videos of the process.  It seems like ever since then every beauty blogger and makeup junkie on Earth is a contouring queen and uses makeup to contour their face.  The great thing about using makeup to add or improve facial contours is it isn’t permanent and you’re able to play around with how you contour and what areas to contour every day.

Skincare Creams
This one may surprise you (it did surprise us), but there are now actually skincare creams that have been created to improve facial contours.  Yep, just when you thought you knew all the skincare options – we come at you with this one!  There are different brands and formulas, just like any other type of skincare product.  Essentially, they’re designed to tighten and tone the skin emphasizing (aka improving) the facial contours.  Often as we get older we’ll lose some of that, so that’s where these products come into play.

Surgical Improvements
If you’re not really into makeup applications or topical creams, there are of course surgical options with improving your facial contours.  Naturally, this is the most drastic option but it’s an option nonetheless.  There are countless different implants and fillers that are known to improve a person’s facial contours in a more permanent way.  Although fillers aren’t necessarily super permanent – they can be a great option before deciding to go the implant route.  Of course, if you’re considering going with a surgical improvement for your facial contours we HIGHLY suggest you do a lot of research and seek an expert in your area.  Just like with any surgical treatment things can go wrong, it’s not something you want to take lightly or see whoever is the cheapest.  Do your research and find a trusted expert.

Did you realize there were so many options to improve your facial contours?  The great thing is there’s something for everyone with these options, so if you’re finding yourself wanting to improve your facial contours you can try out different methods depending on your comfort level.  There’s no right or wrong way here, as long as it’s a way that feels right to YOU and within your comfort zone.

Have you ever tried any of these methods to improve your facial contours?

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