Increasing Beauty and Facial Luster

Increasing Beauty and Facial Luster

Let’s face it…we all admire JLo for her famous glow.  There’s something about glowing skin that always looks healthy and vibrant (probably because it is!).  We’re deep into the winter season, and most of us haven’t seen much sunshine – leaving us all feeling a little lack luster.  We believe everyone should have a luster and glow to their skin all year long, so we thought we would share some of our favorite tips for increasing beauty and facial luster.  Ready to get your own JLo glow?  You’re going to want to keep on reading!

Drink More Water
We know, we know you’ve heard it a thousand times.  But are you drinking enough water yet?  We didn’t think so.  Water really works wonders on our bodies and skin, and can make a huge impact on your beauty and facial luster.  If you’ve been feeling like your skin is looking dull, it could be because it’s lacking some hydration.  Start making it a point to drink more water, the standard is typically to drink eight 8oz glasses of water throughout the day (at minimum).  Get on track with that, and you’ll likely noticed some changes in the luster of your skin occurring.

Use the Right Skin Care Products
Using skin care products is an incredibly important part of increasing beauty and facial luster, and just overall taking care of your skin.  However, if you’re not using the right products they won’t be helping you get that luster in your skin on point.  So how do you know if you’re using the right products?  Well if your skin is looking lack luster, and just doesn’t look the way you’d like it could mean that you’re not using the best skin care products for you.  Focus on looking for skin care products that are of high quality AND specifically formulated to work with your skin’s type.  You’re going to want to make sure they meet both areas here to get the best results for your skin.

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Develop Healthy Lifestyle Habits
Our lifestyle habits play a major role in our skin’s appearance and our beauty overall.  Not getting enough sleep?  Constantly stressed out?  Eating a lot of processed foods?  All of these habits can negatively impact our beauty and facial luster.  When we’re asleep our body works to repair itself, which is often why when you haven’t been getting enough sleep you’ll notice your skin may begin to look dull.  Additionally, stress can weigh heavy on our health and in turn affect our facial luster.  It’s important to find ways to cope and manage stress in a healthy way, finding balance is more than just for your mental clarity – you’ll also get some luster back!  Of course, with all the talk about what we put into our bodies having an impact on our skin’s appearance…we have to make sure to mention how important it is to try to minimize the amount of processed foods you eat on a regular basis.  Processed foods typically aren’t loaded with the essential nutrients our bodies need to give us that luster we’re craving.

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