Innovations In Melanoma Treatment

Innovations In Melanoma Treatment

Cancer has, unfortunately, grown to be something that affect so many of us in one way or another.  Many of us know someone personally, if not ourselves, that has suffered from cancer.  You know we’re all about skin health around here and melanoma is a form of skin cancer that’s incredibly severe.  While cancer continues to affect many of us throughout our lives, one of the exciting things about the time we’re living in is there are so many new innovations and advancements being made in the cure and treatment for cancer.  While many may have not made it through in years past, in today’s world we’re seeing more and more people come out cancer free.  It’s something to be excited about, for sure!  We came across some of the innovations in melanoma treatment and thought we would share them with you, because innovations are a great thing when we’re talking about this type of topic.

Scientists have been working diligently for years to find cures and ways to treat different types of cancers more effectively.  Up until this point, many forms of treatment have been very hard on the body and they don’t work for everyone.  But it was recently announced that there’s a brand new skin care, drug that’s working on being made in a way that will be accessible to the public.  Yes, it’s essentially a prescription that’s been created by scientists and researchers to stop the spreading of cancer – specifically melanoma.  Many scientists and doctors have said that melanoma tends to be the deadliest form of skin cancer because it has the tendency of spreading so quickly throughout the body.  This is why this skin cancer drug is said to be so effective for those suffering with melanoma.

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It’s said, that this particular ‘compound’ (as they’re calling it), is designed to actually stop the body’s genes from being able to spread the cancer cells throughout the body.  Many experts in this field have said that it’s been incredibly difficult for them to be able to find a way to create a source that’s able to stop the genes and the cell’s activities, but it seems as though they’ve finally found something that works.  What’s even more impressive?  This particular ‘compound’ is said to help reduce melanoma from spreading throughout the body by 85-90%!  Pretty impressive, right?

One of the other really exciting innovations that’s been made in the treatment of melanoma is the use of immunotherapy is growing to help significantly with the treatment of melanoma.  This type of treatment is being heavily used throughout Europe with great results and it seems to be beginning to move to the United States.  Essentially immunotherapy is where patients are given specific drugs to ‘retrain’ the immune system to work more effectively against the cancer cells.  Immunotherapy is definitely an area of melanoma (and cancer in general) treatment that’s growing and becoming more commonly used, with continuous advancements within immunotherapy being made.

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