International Beauty Secrets

International Beauty Secrets

Hey ladies, have you ever wondered what keeps women gorgeous around the world? Let’s take a peek at our international sisters and what makes them fierce. Grab your passports; we’re heading across the globe to uncover some of the best-kept beauty secrets that you can implement into your daily regimen.

Tame the Mane:

  • Got frizz? Women in Singapore beat the effects of extreme humidity by dabbing the ends of their hair in coconut oil.
  • For dry and brittle hair, lovely Londoners beat the lime mineral in the tap water by washing less and using dry shampoo more.
  • Want really glossy hair? The fabulous Philippines have the secret with aloe. Try products with aloe for ultimate shine.
  • For a deep clean and removal of buildup, gorgeous Grecians use rosemary water.
  • If you’ve got light brown to blonde tones in your hair, ask your stylist about the Turkish tradition of using daisy water to bring out your hair’s highlights.

Skin Care Secrets:

  • Costa Rican hotties turn to citrus to shrink pores. Products with orange will reduce the look of large pores.
  • For the ultimate in hydration, West African beauties from the Ivory Coast incorporate shea butter for soft and smooth skin.
  • For nourishing minerals and deep cleansing, Israeli women use the rich black mud from the Dead Sea.
  • In Japan, women use sake in their bath water to exfoliate and reduce pigmentation spots.

Self-Care for the Ultimate Version of You:

  • Do you live in a cold climate? Take a note from Swedish women and visit a dry sauna. Your complexion will look amazing and you’ll feel healthy as your blood circulates throughout your body.
  • Ask your manicurist about the benefits of warm olive oil. Romanian women soak their fingertips for supple, lovely nails.
  • Frame your eyes with Indian kohl.  Also known as kajal, it used to be used as a sun deflector. Today’s woman looks exotically fierce with an application of kohl around her eyes.
  • Turn to Brazil for the best after-sun care. Try soaking in a cache of oatmeal for it’s anti-inflammatory properties. It’s very important to care for your skin to reduce the negative effects of over-exposure to the sun.

Beauty begins on the inside. Experts agree on the universal benefits of the following:

  • Get plenty of sleep at night. If you’ve ever had a bout of insomnia or a late night out with the gals, you may likely feel the effects of a sleepless night well into the next day. Sleep improves your mood, lets your body rest, and resets your mind for optimum functionality.
  • Drink enough water. Studies show that about 8 glasses of water per day is necessary for proper hydration. Water makes your hair, skin and nails healthy and fresh. Today it’s very easy to find delicious flavor enhancers without added sugars for a boost in vitamins.
  • Protect yourself from the sun. Use a moisturizer with sunscreen. Wear a sunhat at the beach or poolside. It’s never too early to take care of your skin.
  • Reduce Stress. It takes a strong woman to know when she’s had enough! Try meditation, yoga, walks, or even a rigorous workout. Make sure you find an engaging physical activity that you love so you look forward to it and it doesn’t feel like a chore.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our virtual tour of global beauty practices. Remember to be the best version of yourself every day!

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