Invigorate Your Skin With A Refreshing Cleanse

Invigorate Your Skin With A Refreshing Cleanse

Your skin is a pretty amazing organ, but it does require some serious care from you on a consistent basis. Whatever your skin care goals and struggles are, cleansing is necessary for everyone to keep their skin healthy and happy. Cleansing is something that you may have as a part of your regular skin care routine, but are you making the most out of your cleansing step? We’re sharing how you can invigorate your skin with a refreshing cleanse. Sounds nice, right?

Use the Right Cleansing Product
The thing about cleansing is that actually cleansing the skin isn’t enough if you’re not using the right cleansing product. Truthfully, you can cleanse all you want but if you’re not using a cleanser that’s right for you you’re not going to see the refreshing cleansing results you’re looking for. So what makes a cleanser right? Using a cleansing product that’s formulated to work with your skin type is essential, and that’s really what makes it right–when it’s right for you. Skin care is so personalized, because we all have different skin and different skin types. It’s important to make sure you’re accommodating your skin by using a cleanser that’s designed to do so. This means you’re going to want to do a bit of research to find out what types of ingredients and cleanser types are going to work best with your skin.

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Using the Right Water Temperature
It’s so tempting to want to use hot water when cleansing your skin. We get it, hot water feels good especially after a long day. But if you’re using hot water when cleansing your skin you’re not going to get that refreshing cleanse your skin really needs. Hot water actually doesn’t do your skin any favors, it’s pretty rough on the skin. The very hot temperature has been found to be too harsh and actually strip skin of all its natural oils causing it to become irritated and dry. So to really make sure you’re getting that invigorating, refreshing cleanse on your skin stick to luke warm water when cleansing.

Don’t Rush
Let’s be honest with ourselves, most of us are in a rush when going through our skin care routine-especially cleansing. We’re all in such a hurry and live in a busy world, it’s easy to feel that need to rush through it. But to make sure you’re really refreshing your skin when cleansing it’s important to take your time and really cleanse your skin. Stop rushing through the cleansing process, and take your time gently applying your cleanser to your skin in small circular motion. When we rush through it’s easy to miss certain areas and not really get a good cleanse. Use those small circular motions, slowly to help ensure that you’re reaching every area of your face and actually cleansing your skin. It may sound obvious, but so many don’t truly take their time to cleanse their skin thoroughly enough.

What have you found works for you to get that refreshing cleanse?

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