Job Bringing You Down? Be Where You Love to Work

Job Bringing You Down? Be Where You Love to Work

Whether or not you are in love with your job, chances are you’ve at least had one opportunity to work on a special project or work detail that gave you a really good feeling, deep in your heart. It’s a tragedy that more people are employed in jobs that are less than enjoyable, with many being downright miserable with their daily grind. The results of a recent Gallup poll taken with 150,000 interviewed, it was revealed that a formidable 70 percent of American workers out there are unhappily disengaged from their work–this could be the people you depend on for a variety of critical matters. Of this number, a sad 30 percent of these reported being happy with their jobs–and their bosses, and of these, only 13 percent could attest to being emotionally engaged and focused on doing a good job for their company or industry.

When the Rubber Meets the Road
Many college graduates share their field of study having been chosen as a result of external stimuli, such as parent or teacher pressure of some kind, particularly when there was a tie-in to scholarship money. And then, there’s always a possibility that a career that looked promising from the entry side might wind up becoming nothing but a disappointment in actual practice. Sometimes a particular boss or even coworkers can ruin your ability to enjoy a perfectly grand line of work, and sometimes all a given career might need is a little tweaking within the industry–by switching from one segment to another, better fitting aspect of the whole.

The Proof’s in the Pudding
People who truly enjoy their work simply do more, advance more and earn more than their counterparts, as studies have proven, time and time again. Typically, the more educated the applicant, the more the options will be available from which to choose employment. Untrained or undertrained employees often simply feel fortunate to have any kind of job at all, and as a result, when at work, it can be difficult to become fully engaged in making the world a better place through the work they are doing. When you are engaged in work that you love, you are fulfilled, more motivated to do a good job, and you just naturally exude a positive attitude that is contagious. By being in the right job, you come off as being confident, knowledgeable and skillful–to superiors, co-workers and clients. You regard what you do more as an opportunity than a job, not to mention that your workday goes a lot faster when you’re happily employed.

Be Your Own Boss?
While you may be actively searching for a job that will meet your criteria for employment happiness, have you given any thought to creating a job for yourself? The passion of most entrepreneurs to follow their hearts has been the motivating force behind the formation of many new companies–much more so than business ventures begun with an eye on profitability alone. This is exactly why you should never take a job, strictly based on salary. It doesn’t work. The society in which we now live is ready and waiting for an almost unlimited variety of highly specialized services that busy people need, and are willing to pay others to do because they lack the time to do it themselves. If you are not so much of a “from scratch” entrepreneur, there are many different types of franchise opportunities to check out, where the game plan has already been developed, just waiting for you give it your special operational flair.

Find Something Else, and Fast!
While it’s not always possible, when you find yourself in a job that is not working, do whatever you can to secure other employment, rather than continue on in a job that will ultimately reflect poorly on you and your work ethic. And if you find yourself stuck for any undetermined period of time in a job that does nothing but bring you down, you must assertively create reasons to enjoy your time there–it’s not impossible, and sometimes–just sometimes, you might wind up seeing your job in a whole new light and eventually love what you are already doing!

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